256 mb Creative MP3 player - less than £10 (?) at LXDirect +  other good offers

256 mb Creative MP3 player - less than £10 (?) at LXDirect + other good offers

£20.99Very Deals
Found 7th Jul 2006
LXDirect.com has price reduced this 256 mb Creative MP3 player to £20.99 (from £39.99)

This is not a great price for a 256mb player but if you can use discount vouchers, this price can be lowered to less than £10 delivered.
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Where: LXDirect
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Great spot for the original post - others are good too
thanks greenfeld :wink:
First post link doesn't work.
I ordered the mp3 player. Bear in mind that it looks shit for music - it's like an iPod Shuffle. I just want something to listen to audiobooks/downloaded radio though as I have a minidisc for music, so for that purpose it looks great. Thanks for the link.

Couldn't get two vouchers to stack though. I used the £13.50 one (which didn't give free P&P) so I got it for about £11 in the end. Not complaining though!
Stacking vouchers at lx direct isn't recommended anyway as they often decline the orders and/or charge you the full amount.
Jammy, the £13.50 voucher gives £10 discount + £3.50 worth p&p. I think you might have tried stacking two vouchers that give Free delivery. However, stacking is not a good idea though!

fps_kyle , the link works fine. If you have any problems, please search using Cat no: PT162E
just ordered mine with the £13 off - thanks edi.

If the code doesn't work I'll flame you to death :-P

Should be fine though - it is one of the codes for general usage isn't it?

dont scare me chris.... I am enough scared of your avatar :razz:
You can get it even for less: http://img439.imageshack.us/img439/1554/screenhunter39pk.jpg
Thanks Cyper

That's exactly what I meant by less than £10 delivered although I didnt attach the voucher with my post.

Thanks for the nice screen shot
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