256 MB mp3 player at Toys 'R' Us for £2.49!

256 MB mp3 player at Toys 'R' Us for £2.49!

Found 11th Jan 2008
Title says it all.

Was just at lakeside shopping centre and i saw it.
I couldn't find it on their site so I think it's only instore

mp3, wma, wav playback
mic for voice recording
USB flash memory
ID tagging
LCD display
blue backlight
earphones included

sorry about the poor quality image.


what that price OMG i must go now and buy it LOL :whistling:

Voted hot, superb price, ideal for kids - just 3/4 years ago this would have been £70+

Might be a small memory on it - but for that price it's still a bargain!!! Voted hot!

There all out of stock online, would of been a great deal at that price.

This would be great for anyone who has a HDD based MP3 player already, but wants a cheap flash one for activities such as jogging.
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