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256GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra , Vodafone 150GB + £300 cashback - £33pm 24m + £289 upfront - £1081 / £781 with Cashback @MSE/Samsung

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claim 12m Disney+


Samsung has launched the cashback offer - valid from 01/12 - 20/12
Various amount of cashback is on offer on various product
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    Heat as always!

    Hoping you'll come through with a 256GB with a lower per month.

    Still sad I missed out on the 512GB deal.
    I know, that was really a good deal.
    I hope they throw some more deal b4 cashback offer ends.
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    I look every few days at the 512gb deals and there was some good to average ones with ID mobile and Carphone but even they seem to have gone. The line rental increases does it for me if you are paying £25+ initially on a two year contract, you'll get hammered. Getting a 0% credit card and bearing the majority of the handset cost upfront and/or minimal monthly contract (or SIM free with Lebara SiM) seems a good option to avoid those contract increases. (edited)
    Lebara sim is £10-£15 per month (with less data).

    Surely this is still cheaper taking the price increase into consideration.
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    What was the 512gb deal
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    It's £2 more in total for 200GB and a lower monthly rental which means over the term it will almost definitely be cheaper. Could also get that same price with three but with 100gb data
    I typed in incorrectly - I have amended the title.
    Thank you
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    Another good deal if you're after the big storage version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Voda data works for you. Enough data for most people with a hefty upfront fee but one that's covered by the cashback, and a reasonable monthly charge of £33 considering the amount of data and phone you're getting ♨️
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    Samsung s23 ultra will come with snapdragon globally... Holding out for that..so sick of the crap battery life on my note 20 ultra exynos
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    a fasand pand...
  8. Avatar
    I guess it's a good deal, but these days flagship phones seem kinda pointless.
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    I've ordered on this deal three times so far this morning and it keeps getting cancelled. It says it's unable to process with this deal
    Ru roh
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  11. Avatar
    Can I get this deal if I'm already with Vodafone?
  12. Avatar
    Anyone had their order dispatched yet?
    Nope not yet
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    I thought this deal would link to Voda but it takes me to mobileshop.com, to start a "network airtime application"
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    Samsung European models are a curse. their Xyno processors are the worst. also be ready to deal with two app stores. chaotic!!!
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    I had my cancellation email:

    We are contacting you to inform you that due to a system error, there was an incorrectly priced deal on our website. This means that regrettably we have had to cancel your order for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 512GB Phantom White.

    We can confirm that no payment has been taken as part of your order.

    Unfortunately errors can occur from time to time and on this occasion it has impacted your order. If you would like to read more about our terms and conditions please follow the link below. (edited)
    are you sure this is the right deal, this one is 256 gb and graphite grey
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    I wanted the black but they didnt have it so wasnt sure whether to go for the green or burgundy. Both looked ok. Would have preferred the burgundy but I thought maybe it looked more pink than red. What does everything think between those 2 colours?
    burgundy is sus
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    Can you definitely claim the cashback on this type of offer?

    Also... What do you think of this versus the phone puchased outright for 950 plus then cashback..so 650? It seems 130 quid for the plan... but then locked in. Also note i can only get 100 gb of data now via MSE.. although 100 is plenty for me. (edited)
    I confirmed eventually with Samsung chat you can claim the cashback
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