256MB MP3 / WMA Player -  £7.99 Delivered

256MB MP3 / WMA Player - £7.99 Delivered

Found 6th Jan 2007
Found this mp3 player on play.com for £7.99 + You can also get 2% QuidCo Cashback!

* High-speed USB2.0 connection
* Compatible with both MP3 and WMA formats
* 256MB capacity
* Tough and hard-wearing - no moving parts means no skipping!
* Up to 15 hours playback from a single alkaline AAA battery!
* Built-in USB connector - no cable to lose
* Powerful in-ear headphones, using a standard 3.5mm connector
* Easy Plug and Play connection (Windows ME, 2000, XP & Mac OS X)
* USB key function - carry pictures, documents and other files with you
* Play, pause, track forward, track back, volume up and volume down controls
* Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
* THD: 0.08%
* Supplied accessories: Neck-cord earphones, AAA battery, driver CD (only required for Windows 98/SE), USB extension cable, instruction manual


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Here's a bigger pic:


Thanks for the pointer Looks okay for £7.99 :pirate:

Bought one of these for my little boy. Just gone to download some tunes for him, only to discover that the device is infected with a virus.

I am awaiting a response from PLAY.COM.

If your virus software isn't upto date, you might like to use this device with caution.

The same happened to some of the old ipod shuffles, they got infected by a PC used on the production line to test for data errors.

Apparently these are refurbs (although the site doesn't state this) - have expressed my concern that the item has been mis-sold and in addition that the device has infected my computer - will wait to see what Play have to say.

Could be refurbed ipod shuffles then...

Return it and get one of the X3 Qoolqee players from BlahDVD instead, probably vastly superior for £10.99 delivered.
Brilliant 512MB colour screen Q7 also back in stock for only £17.99

I bought one of these and put some music on it with no problems - a good bargain I thought, shame some had problems though
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