2.5kg Easy Carve Extra Special Boneless Serrano Ham £10 @ Asda (Warrington)

2.5kg Easy Carve Extra Special Boneless Serrano Ham £10 @ Asda (Warrington)

Found 3rd Jan
Quite a lot left at Asda cockhedge. I didn't buy one but looked good value. I believe it was previously priced at £15.
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That’s a better deal than the 1kg £5 Iceland one.
I bought one of these at the weekend for £15 from ASDA Swindon, having also bought one before xmas at £25, so a good price. I found this to be more moist than the full leg that I bought from ASDA last year, so not sure if this is a different cure or maybe just my memory playing tricks on me. Either way, it's a nice piece of meat. Heat from me.
£10 in the Birkenhead store too, but only three left this afternoon. Heat from me!
Paid 15 pounds for this yesterday, so great deal , yeah

...Just say it in the same tone of voice as "KYRANO!" when you buy it.
I walked into asda Tamworth on new years eve, one of the staff had just put a sign on these for £5 each. I will say £10 is a bargin but £5 was a steel. Lol
I brought one before Xmas is brand new super sharp carving knife. Had a couple of eating sessions, but bit of a pain in the arse, so binned and resorted to the pre-packed type. I tried and have quenched that experience, but shall not be returning.
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Bought one last year to much hassle to keep on carving & keeping it fresh binned it after a week.
Where are people finding these? I've looked in the refrigerated meat section, the Christmas clearance section, can't find it anywhere
Worst Serrano ham ever took it back and got my money back, if you ever had proper Serrano ham you would not buy this
still marked as £15 in Wycombe
Plenty in portrack asda
Ohh I just posted this but searched for jamon which isn’t in your title
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