2.5KVA Petrol generator (2800W) £75 @ B&Q (Instore only)

2.5KVA Petrol generator (2800W) £75 @ B&Q (Instore only)

Found 26th Jun 2009
2500w nominal output, 2800w peak. ie would run most essentials in your house at the same time, eg fridge, freezer, oil heating, lights, computer etc (obviously not your cooker and possibly not your kettle)
110 & 230v @ 50Hz output
4 stroke petrol engine (runs on unleaded- no fuel mixing required)
15l tank, with up to 8 hours cont. runtime
3600 rpm (noisy no doubt)
2 year warranty
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Nice one I think I might get one this weekend:thumbsup: H/R for you :thumbsup:
deleted19841Original Poster
This is the same deal as wacko911 posted back in May.


This is not suitable for constant use but great value for
occasional power outage (if you live in the country)
need to use mains power tools (inc 110v) where there's no power
if you do a spot of bike racing/trackdays and need something to power your tyre warmers

I'm sure it has plenty more uses.....

BTW this was Aberdeen (Bridge of Don) branch - I don't know if it's all stores.
Does anyone how much this thing weighs?

Does anyone how much this thing weighs?

If it's anything like my one, it's 49kg.

It ain't light and I'd recommend getting someone to help you lift it (it's blinking awkward as well as heavy!)
deleted19841Original Poster
cant remember what it says on the box (it's in the car right now) but it felt like around 35-40kg
Seen it @ £99 B&Q Doncaster
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