26 Pack of Walker's Crisps £2.08 @Milk and More (8p a bag!!)

26 Pack of Walker's Crisps £2.08 @Milk and More (8p a bag!!)

Found 4th Mar 2010
Check Postcode and Sign-Up to this fantastic service here: milkandmore.co.uk

If Milk and More (part of Dairy Crest I believe) are able to deliver to your area, then this is a fantastic deal, effectively working out at 8p a bag.

You'll have to sign up online to have them delivered, but considering that it's free delivery, this seems an absolute bargain delivered right to your doorstep in the mornings.

What's great is that you can order upto 9pm the night before the delivery and they'll arrive on your doorstep the next day

If you set up a regular delivery service, you can use code: SAVE5 to get £5 off when you pay by Direct Debit


If you get your milk delivered by Dairy Crest just ask the milkman for some. You don't need to sign up to milk and more.

FWIW Milk & More gave me a £20 discount for switching from DD to their online system a month or two ago.
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