26litre Pedal Bid 75% off instore £6.25 @ Sainsburys

26litre Pedal Bid 75% off instore £6.25 @ Sainsburys

Found 21st Dec 2010Made hot 21st Dec 2010
Went to the Sainsburys Savacenter in Beckton and they had 75% off these bins. Only the light blue (dove) were available but at £6.25 I wasn't complaining.

Can't seem to link the picture though


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Funniest thing was that my wife had already put the 12litre one in the trolley at £18.

I hope there's one left!

nice find, might go and check it out tomorrow

Looks rubbish to me

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For what it's worth...I bought one around 4pm...and there were about 6 or so left on the top shelf in the Beckton branch.

not online shame

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Yep big shame...but a lot of Sainsbury top offers can only be found instore
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