27 Brita Multi-Fit Water Filter Cartridges for £19.88 Delivered!

27 Brita Multi-Fit Water Filter Cartridges for £19.88 Delivered!

Found 25th Nov 2007
The Brita Multi-Fit water filter cartridges are now just £2.84 per pack of three. Buy nine packs and use free SuperSaver delivery, making a total of £19.88 for 27 cartridges...

Update: This product is eligible for their buy 4 for the price of 3 promotion, which gives the price and amount edited in above.

* Brita Multifit Water Filter Cartridges
* Removal of chlorine,Limescale and impurities
* Fits range of Brita Classic and Kenwood, Aquaselect and Boots water filter jugs
* Will filter 1 month's supply of water for the average family
* Suitable for all water types
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Manufacturer's Description
BRITA Multi-Fit 3 pack replacement water filter cartridges.Tap water in the UK is perfectly safe. However, it doesn't always taste, look or smell as pleasant as we'd like, and the effect can be noticeable not only in drinking water but in hot drinks and food cooked in water.
The BRITA Multi-Fit cartridge is a universal cartridge designed to fit other makes and brands of water filter jugs so that even people with a Brita jug can enjoy Brita filtered water. The Multi-fit cartridge uses a mixture of carbon and ion exchange resin to remove hardness, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and copper, and other organic impurities to improve the taste, smell and appearance of cold and hot drinks.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Box Contents[/COLOR]

3 x Brita Multifit water filter cartridges
How are you supposed to know when its time to replace the cartridge? As its only me and my partner living here at the moment but we eat out most of the time...
Actually as these are on Buy 4 Items for the Price of 3 the price is £19.88 for 27
Most Brita units come with a Memo computer which counts down from four weeks to let you know when the cartridge needs changing.
A slightly cheaper outlay.........put 8 in your basket......tick supersaver delivery (free)......and you pay £17 odd and get 24 cartridges..........ok same price per cartridge but its further away from 20 quid........
no good to me sadly, they dont fit my Brita I have the newer type
hi this is showing as £5+ for a pack of 3. am i looking in the wrong place
Is it expired? Only marketplace sellers now.. =(
******, that was a good deal aswell, brought na single for 3.50 from tesco the other day the thought of 27 for 20 quid got me running for the purse. lol never mind
Yeah, it would've been a great deal. I just bought 12 for £30 today from RobertDyas... =( Thought I could get a refund if this deal is on.
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