27" Mirai HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV - £354.59 or less delivered !

27" Mirai HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV - £354.59 or less delivered !

Found 16th Oct 2006
27" Mirai T27124-AB HDTV Ready Widescreen Silver LCD TV is £354.59 inc delivery from Microdirect.co.uk

Go through Quidco for 3% cashback which will nearly offset the delivery charge. 2yr collect and return manufacturer's warranty is included. If you can afford to spend £100 more, there is a 32" Mirai at Microdirect with 2 yrs warranty.

Terminal I/O : DVD-D (With HDCP), VGA Input, PC Audio In (For VGA, DVI), Headphone Output, Subwoofer Out, RS232(Firmware Maintenance only), Componet Video(YPbPr)-R/L Input, Composite Video-R/L Input, S-Video-R/L Input, Full SCART - SCART 1 : CVBS/S-RGB(IN), TV(OUT), SCART 2: CVBS/S-RGB(IN), AV/TV(OUT)


Price drop to £354.59 including delivery Edi

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Thanks for the update emma

Has anybody got any comments positive or negative with regards build and picture quality...?

negative, ive got previous model of Mirai, took 2 deliverys to get one that wasnt scratched on the casing. But instead that one had scratching on the panel, which was done in the warehouse.

Was a big big hassle to get a new one, and to much of a hassle to send it back again (tho this was the trade suppliers fault, not mirai's, also when i spoke to the sales manager at mirai, im sure they could have done something to make my life easier).

The sound on them is poor, there is a hum from the speakers on certain picture profiles (only vivid and movie profiles dont make a noise).
Had to hook up external speakers for DVD and xbox 360 (via the 360 as theres no decent outputs on the tele itself).

Also the remote is unresponsive at times, which is annoying with the delay of flicking through sources, as it goes TV, AV, Svideo, Scart 1 (my freeview box), Scart 2, Componant (xbox 360) then VGA, DVI, and back to TV.
So it generally takes a long time to switch back to freeview when ur playing xbox, not sure if this is the tele thats slow, or the remote thats poor.

personally, if i had to buy another cheap lcd, id try another cheap manufactuer, or save up for a decent brand.

I can live with the TV, and its ok for its purpose as the scratches only show in direct sunlight, but it certainly wouldnt recommend one to buy one when there are other choises for the same price.

But as i said, this was the previous model i had... but the specs are fairly similar so it might be the same tv inside with a new look.

Thanks Chris much appreciated, I think I'll leave Mirai alone and find an alternative!


There's a big (mainly positive) thread at AVforums on this particular brand. Some new models are on the horizon that I am waiting for before buying my first LCD TV.

yes i purchased based on the mainly positive stuff... i mean its good for the price, but im sure u can get the same quality for the same price, without all the annoying bits...


New model available at PIXMANIA for £339 without discounts


for more info:]http://www.mirai.eu/

whats the thoughts on this

I was considering this


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