28 Weeks Later - £11.83 @ asda

28 Weeks Later - £11.83 @ asda

Found 11th Sep 2007
Sequel to the hit revisionist zombie film, 28 Days Later. This film picks up 6 months after the initial outbreak of the deadly Rage virus. Order has been restored, London is being repopulated, and the US military are in charge.

Cheapest i have found beats play , amazon , sainsburys etc

Asda £11.83 and free delievery


Top movie i gotta say

A movie that cant be missed

ive watched 28 days later but not seen this one, is it any good?

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Personally id say it was better than the first one but thats only my opnion !!

£9.99 in morrisons

I liked it.

Then again
Originals are better then sequels,

Watch this movie - it'll scare the **** out of you.


Original was far superior. Plot in this one was ludicrous. (IMHO)

I liked this one much better than the 1st, more action & on a much bigger scale / budget than the 1st.....my cup of tea..lol


Watch this movie - it'll scare the **** out of you.

Lol, it's not that scary mate.
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