£29.99 furby orange/blue half price @ tesco

£29.99 furby orange/blue half price @ tesco

Found 23rd Nov 2013
Furby orange/blue half price at tesco online
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Says £49.99 when I follow the link. Is there a code?
Search on Tesco's and you will find it for £29.99

Just the link that's wrong

Duplicate? According to this thread it appears the orange/blue one out of stock.
Sorry, first post. I must have added the wrong link. It was in stock when I added it.
Furby. After 24 hours of non stop rubbish spurting from it, you will try to turn it off by getting it to sleep. This will fail as it wakes up at the slightest vibration. You will then try to remove the battery. But no! These things live on with no power source. A pillow over it only muffles the noise, but it's there, in your head , 24 hours a day
The only way to kill it, is to drown it in a bucket of water.......
Get a puppy.... It's much less hassle.
Voted hot as the price is a great one.
missed it again damn. fab price!!!

That is for a different colour.I have managed to add this to my basket … That is for a different colour.I have managed to add this to my basket for £29.98.Looks like a good deal to me.

The other thread is for all 5 Furbys including this one. (see post 5 by the op on the other thread) As I said in the other thread, you can add the orange/blue Furby to your basket but if you try signing in and checking out, you will get a message to say it's out of stock.
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is this the boom?
is this the boom?
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