£299.97 Nokia N8 On Tesco Mobile

£299.97 Nokia N8 On Tesco Mobile

Found 26th Jan 2011
Reduced by another tenner. 598 points with Quidco, free delivery
This Nokia N8-00 has an attractive touch screen with a standard keyboard. The Nokia N8 includes an impressive 12 megapixel camera allowing you to take photographs in stunning quality. Handy features of this mobile include voice dialling, MP3 player and FM radio.

Full phone spec can be found:

Cheapest around. If voting cold please state why!


is this phone any good ?
I know its not an iphone in terms of apps and stuff, but is it easy to use and hows the browser ?

Its rubbish mate. Got this phone and its operating system is slow, the apps you can get whilst ok are not as far advanced as android/iphone.

Save your money is what I say!

The phone isn't slow by any means.

The problem with buying it from Tesco is that it will be locked to Tesco Mobile - and for them to unlock it - I had to POST it to them. (as the code didn't work). This may no longer be the case, but you need to check you're happy with their tarriff / service etc. I found their internet to be VERY SLOW / unreliable.

The N8 is probably one of the best Nokia's available at the moment, with the best camera on any phone currently available (digital camera class 12mp sensor, 28mm wide angle lens, lots of detail and a real flash), and the OS is pretty good, fairly easy to use, quite regularly updated, and whilst the built in browser is not the best, it is due a big upgrade next month (or this month) that should make it much better.

Solid phone with metal body as well and decent battery life, esp compared to android phones.
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