29p  England's 50 Greatest Footballers -  Paperback

29p England's 50 Greatest Footballers - Paperback

Found 14th Dec 2018Edited by:"Epicurean"
29p and free delivery with Prime
It seems a bit overpriced to me, but then I don't like to spend more than 20p on a book, and I don't like football.
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There are 50?!?
Cold: No Aguero!
EstorilBlue1 m ago

There are 50?!?

There are 5?
we will never know, its now £4.99
Must be playing against a storm to have found 50 - also wrote English Football's First Alien Superstar - as I thought pure fiction!!!
Edited by: "mcfadal" 14th Dec 2018
£4.99 now
Should be called England's 5 greatest footballers 😏
If Charlton palmer isn't in it I'm not buying. If David Beckham is in it I'm not buying if Stuart Ripley isn't on the list then the book is a disaster. And if Steve guppy isn't mentioned then I'm gonna take you to trading standards Mr author
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