2GB Geil PC3200 DDR 400Mhz Ram (NOT Cheaper DDR2) - £70.43
2GB Geil PC3200 DDR 400Mhz Ram (NOT Cheaper DDR2) - £70.43

2GB Geil PC3200 DDR 400Mhz Ram (NOT Cheaper DDR2) - £70.43

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2GB of BRANDED Dual Channel DDR Ram with heat Spreaders.

Note this is DDR 1 RAM currently more expensive than DDR.

Made for AMD Athlons XP, Duron , Early Pentium 4 generation motherboards.

If you check other sites (Eclipse, Aria, Ebuyer), same items will cost about £85+ without Dual Channel & Brand Name

Amendment - Should say:

Note this is DDR 1 RAM currently more expensive than DDR2 used in newer motherboards.
- Gordon Bell


there's corsair 2x1gb for 89.99 including vat and free delivery at ebuyer (or their own unbranded crap for 75ukp) but i'd probably say geil is a little better than corsair and even with next day delivery, only comes to 75ukp.

ah this is evil, yet another reason to keep my aging pentium4 instead of getting a core2duo ;-)

resist..... pressing.... buy..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

bought it, but using google checkout seems to add a pound or so onto the price.....

update: item specs: geilusa.com/pro…/16

Thanks for the post. I've updated it to include the delivery charge, which we always try to show here.

I have used this RAM in a couple of builds and found it to be very stable.
Nice find

Don't forget 3% Quidco

Also if you do have a tonne of DDR1 and a decent agp card, there are Mobo's from Asus, Asrock and so on that allow you to use them while giving support to Core2Duo cpu's

GEIL memory is damn good.. ive been running a 1gb kit on a fussy nforce 2 system for a while now with no issues. I just spent 80 odd quid on 2gb of Corsair DDR last week and as good as the Corsair ram is i'd rate this up there along side it!

Definitely a good price for this memory. A bargain for sure.

2GB value packs are usually twice the price above, although the timings are usually tighter.

Thing is if you did pay twice the price your not far off just paying for a four piece upgrade to your system (MB, Mem, CPU, GFX).

Original Poster

Unfortunately, Found this After buying the Eclipse Cheapo Ram (was £26.95+VAT per 1GB, now £28.95).

The Eclipse Cheapo has to be the worst Ram I have come across(although I see per Sej7278 comment & general reviews, Ebuyer unbranded 'aint much better).

4 motherboards - 1 Intel doesn't boot, 2 VIA and a Early Nforce read it as 512MB! I can understand an occassional compatibility problem with cheap RAM, but stay away from this stuff.

Ordered some of this and currently trying to RMA the Eclipse stuff. I've asked eclipse for Motherboard make, chipset that they check their RAM on, 'cos I've used the main manufacturer chipsets (except SIS), and none of them work.

next day delivery doesn't seem to work, i ordered at 11am yesterday when they had 30+ in stock, it hasn't even been shipped yet it seems....

Original Poster

I used the standard £3.95 postage.

Ordered Monday 18/06/07.

Citylink delivery due today - 20/06/07 - No probs.

ah just been shipped thanks to help from their webmaster

Original Poster

No Stock left & the price has been bumped up.

i don't think their stock is linked to their website, as when i ordered the second time around (they cancelled the first time!) stock was at five, then went to zero.

i must say their's is the worst website i've shopped on for quite some time - and the google checkout seems completely un-integrated with the site, i.e. if you chose google you get no emails from microdirect and no tracking number and not even an order number in a format that microdirect's staff can even lookup on their own system.

Update: just got an Amtrak tracking number, so mine's shipped woohoo!

Mine states 'Despatched', so I hope it turns up, as I always thought it should be 'Dispatched' :-)

Bless em.

This RAM is great, I've had it in my system for over a year now without hiccup and it cost me £120 second hand!!!
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