2GB Kingston ValueRAM Memory 1333Mz DDR3 Non-ECC DIMM  @ Amazon - £10.89

2GB Kingston ValueRAM Memory 1333Mz DDR3 Non-ECC DIMM @ Amazon - £10.89

Found 22nd Jun 2011
Saw this on Amazon while I was looking for components to build a new pc. Discount stated on the advert is very questionable, but a good deal non-the-less. Couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else. Great Price for 2GB!

P.S. If you are dubious about the seller, you can buy it from Amazon Jersey for a couple of quid more, i.e. £12.79.



REMEMBER - this is NOT for laptops

But it should be good for all those HP Microservers - yes they do work with non-ECC RAM

Seller Rating: 100% positive over the past 12 months. (1 total ratings)

Bargain for branded memory

Brilliant! This is effectively ~£44 for 8GB RAM!

Very hot indeed, 4GB delivered Kingston RAM for under £20. Postage does not double if you order 2.

The sell I originally bought this from on Amazon hasn't posted it - did anyone else have a problem getting their RAM from Realworkx Group? All of a sudden they have lots of negative comments on Amazon and lots of other people saying they didn't get what they ordered and the seller can't be contacted.

I didn't get my order either.I'm claiming back through Amazon
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