2GB MP3 player - refurbished - only £12.98 or less delivered!!

2GB MP3 player - refurbished - only £12.98 or less delivered!!

Found 14th Aug 2007
Currys sell refurbished stuff with a full 12 month warranty - great specification for the money and this even comes with a LCD screen unlike similarly priced offerings from other retailers. Use NHS2222 to get a small discount and don't forget quidco; ends up at just over £12 in the end - fantastic value!!

Fully refurbished model

Store up to 600 MP3 songs

Voice recording function

8 hours battery life

Built in USB plug

LCD Display


Same deal at Dixons posted ]here, which also had a reply mentioning this same Currys deal
Dixons postage is more expensive though (GBP3.95).

Bought one for GBP12.98 - 50p discount (NHS2222) - 44p (quidco)
Delivered in 2 days. Comes with the 'new' firmware, version SDK2.611.CMA061111, which gives a second menu that allows sorting by artist and album. Although songs are listed in alphabetical order instead of track number, using an ID3 tag editor such as ]this to add the track number to the song title will fix that problem quite easily

Note that the transfer speed is the slower USB1.1 instead of USB2.0.
Decent sound quality, the earphones supplied are a bit [email protected] though.
Overall, great price for a decent 2GB player with 12 month warranty.

Still around.. thanks to padge123 for the pointer
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