2GB MP3 Sunglasses, £16 ! ! ! Free Delivery Worldwide :)

2GB MP3 Sunglasses, £16 ! ! ! Free Delivery Worldwide :)

Found 25th Oct 2007
Hi, 2GB Mp3 Sunglasses only £16ish. Good reviews from buyers and elsewhere expensive!

Amazons price's are £40+

Free Delivery Worldwide

Dimensions: 5.83 in x 2.91 in x 1.81 in
Weight: 7.16 oz
MP3/WAV /WMA play function

Technical specification:

Digital formats supported: MP3/WAV /WMA
PC interface supported: USB2.0 PROTOCOL (FS)
Playtime: 5 hours
Battery tape/capacity: Built-in lithium lion olmer/3.7v, 150mAh
Maximum input power rating: 5VDC,150mA
Voice output power: 55mW
Earphone output frequency: 5mw
Voice output frequency: 20Hz-20Khz
THD: Less 0.05%
Recharging time: 3 hours
Normally works voltage: 30-35mA
Memory Flash: 2 MB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 87.2dB
Earphone impendence: 16ou*2

- Fashionable design
- UV protection
- Removable eyeglasses
- Three bottons control (play/stop/next)

Includes Case And Charger.
- colloq


lol - read the reviews where one person had said the quality of glasswear was ****, turns out he forgot to remove the glasses' protective film. DOH

voted hot for the joke as well, regardless of whether there will be a purchase or not.


and the prize for "the most pointless way to spend £16" goes to..................

Original Poster

There's one's on amazon for about £50. Then Oakley for about £250

Not my option to buy the sunglasses .. some people may want them ?


The oakley version made famous by Dog The Bounty Hunter hahaha

really? lol

me thinks u might be right!

Not gonna but these but i think they are cool!!!

how do you change the prices onscreen to sterling?

I don't doubt that this is a good product, at a very good price, BUT.......

Really? Would ya? Honestly?

:pirate: CJ :pirate:


...£5 = about £2.64 well it did last week.

I'll give you £2.64 if you give me a fiver :-D Now that's what I call a hot deal!

Soz, couldn't resist!


The oakley version made famous by Dog The Bounty Hunter hahaha

Thats what I was thinking!

They look ridiculous ..... then again so does DOG and that mess of a wife:-D

LOL @ the muppet who forgot to take the protective film off and was complaining:w00t:
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