2gbSD card £12.97 @ Amazon
2gbSD card £12.97 @ Amazon

2gbSD card £12.97 @ Amazon

Buy forBuy forBuy for£12.97
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2gb SD card, spend £15 and delivery is free

Product Features
Product Description: Kingston flash memory card - 2 GB - SD Memory Card
Product Type: Flash memory card
Storage Capacity: 2 GB
Form Factor: SD Memory Card
Supply Voltage: 3.3 V
Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty ( Germany, Austria and France - 10 years )


This is handy enough if you're ordering from amazon anyway, to make the postage free. If you are not though, check ][COLOR=blue]this out[/COLOR]to get it delivered for about 50p more.

Make up your order to £14.94 for free SuperSaver delivery ;-)

Thanks for the pointers deanos and Emma

I may be mistaken, but I have been watching these recently and because they are sold be Amazon market place traders you do NOT get free delivery, irrespective of the amount ordered/spent. They look like great prices, but then you have to add £4.50 P&P - I emailed a trader ( DVD.CO.UK) - got a quick and informative reply - he explained Amazon insist he charges £4-50 PER ITEM P&P therefore the prices are not quite as they seem ( still ok) but more in line with the stores website where you can buy the same item for about £15 ( but free delivery!)
Please let me know if there is a way around this, stil a good price, but sadly not quite as it appears.

[SIZE=2]^^^ That is the case with amazon marketplace deals, which we do not allow on the forums. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]When this was originally posted, I think amazon had them in stock, but they do not appear to now, I;ve clicked expired. [/SIZE]

Just to re-iterate what has already been said, it's not Amazon that are selling these at this price, they are from a 'market trader' and as such are subject to silly p&p that isn't blatently evident when you place your order. I have been caught out before, but cancelled the order immediately without a problem. If you order 2, they charge you 2 lots of p&p as well :-(

...........thanks emmajk42 - I think our posts must have crossed!

No, if you read my post above, I'm saying this was an amazon deal when first posted, not marketplace.

They were Amazon offers when I looked earlier today, not MarketPlace sellers ;-) As Emma says above.

Amazon seems to be doing this thing now where they flip to Marketplace sellers off a normal product. If you go to show New -> All it will show the Amazon one still for £12.97 but not available immediately.

Blimey - I've edited my reply, our posts crossed - be gentle with me.......................

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[SIZE=3]Hang on folks the deal is still on and come down in price , Amazon are selling for £12.86 click on the "new and used" link[/SIZE]

Absolutely right! Thank you I have now ordered - took a bit of finding, but would never have found without the tip - thank you!

amazon really annoys me when you see what you think is a good deal and then it turns out you're not really buying from them at all.

is there any way of 'turning-off' marketplace items when searching?

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is there any way of 'turning-off' marketplace items when searching?

Dont think so i wish there was, i cant see the logic myself putting other sellers before your own.

they also sell a 1GB version for around £7 by the way - if you can find it!

thanks for this. 2gb cards now £9.95

Amazon has 1gb cards for £4.71


The 2GB ones for £9.95 are from a marketplace seller and will get dinged with about £5 of shipping making it more expensive than the Amazon price. Problem is the Amazon one is hidden in there and you have to click through the other sellers to find it.

This is a quote from the email reply from the market place seller - a nice reply explaining why they to charge the P&P as they do.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][FONT="Courier New"]Amazon Insist that we charge a postage charge on market place orders. They
ask us to charge a flat rate of £4.50 per memory card. We take this into
account when pricing our items. The price of the item and the delivery
costs added together is the price of the item. You will therefore notice
that if you order directly from our website [url]www.dvd.co.uk[/url] delivery is free
on everything, but the overall price of the items is virtually the same as
we try to be fair wherever we sell our products.

I hope this helps explain the confusion.

Kind regards,
Customer Services
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