2l Fresh 'n' low semi skimmed milk £1.03 at tesco

2l Fresh 'n' low semi skimmed milk £1.03 at tesco

Found 20th Jan 2009
As title really, not on an offer but 2 litres of fres n lo semi skimmed milk for £1.03 in store, i know poundland milk is 3 p cheaper but i think this is a good deal.


97p @ ]Asda

My tesco had this for £1.06, so a whole extra 6p cheaper than poundland, and 9p more than asda

Poundland milk?
Never seen a chiller cabinet at Poundland!

Never seen milk at poundland myself either. Must be a mistake, maybe poster was talking about farmfoods? £1 for 2L there.

or organic milk, £1.03 2:L at Tesco too - skimmed, semi or full fat - regular price

Original Poster

No, my local poundland erdington, has chiller cabinets and sells bread milk pop chocolates etc...

£1.06 for 2 litre at Tesco Uxbridge today. Very good deal compared to the nearby Sainsbury.
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