Posted 12 February 2023

2L Le Terre di Colombo – 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - £14.92 @ Amazon

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Le Terre di Colombo – 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L

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For All Occasions Our deliciously fruity extra virgin olive oil is perfect drizzled over grilled meats, cooked or raw vegetables, or nourishing soups. Make it a part of every meal.

From Italy with Love All of our olives are grown, picked and processed in our home of Italy, to bring you the finest in authentic Mediterranean flavour. Our range of olive products delivers the full breadth of this incredible fruit's qualities, from organic extra virgin olive oil to genuine Taggiasca olive paste.


  • 2 Litre ribbed bottle with mechanical cap
  • Cultivated and cold pressed in Italy with local olives
  • The bottle's dark colour protects the oil from oxidation, preserving its natural flavour
  • Particularly suited to dressing vegetables, legumes and soups
  • Fruity and aromatic with a sweet almond aftertaste
  • Visit the BRAND STORE to discover our full range of products! Direct link under the product title

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    Don't bother with this. No DOP or IGP certification whatsoever. If you want a 'fancy' Italian olive oil, then even Lidl or Aldi's 'Best' Olive Oil has at least DOP certification, and they're cheaper than other supermarket's non-DOP/IGP alternatives. For regular cooking, rather than drizzling/raw usage, any extra virgin olive oil is going to perform the same way, so just go with the cheapest (my pick is the Lidl Spanish extra virgin olive oil).
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    Anyone any experience of this product? There are too many "free product" reviews on Amazon to draw a confident conclusion from the reviews there.
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    Yep, previous post is spot on, Italian Olive oil is one of the most corrupt products in the world, if you buy this, buy I'm the knowledge it's extremely unlikely to be 100% olive oil (or anywhere close to that), and probably some pretty heinous human trafficking involved too.
    I picked olives in Spain for a few weeks and I asked the owner where they went. He said to Italy to repackaged as Bertolli oil . Either way its all nice stuff
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    My friends dad was a olive oil producer. He once gave me a freshly bottled sample. He said try it. I did. The oil had a chilly/peppery taste that burned my mouth. He told me I must wait for oil to settle. He was right later the chilly taste disappeared.
    Much better than what is sold. But not available
    I’ve just been listening to Genius Foods Audiobook and they say that the peppery taste is how you test it’s quantity. The hotter the better
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    Bought this, as to buy 2 litres of virgin oil, these days is expensive. Great find heat added.
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    Wanted to know if this is any good. Filippo Iberio is too bitter for my wife, we're doing fine with La Spanola but I wanted something more flavorful
    Filippo Berio is a blend. Don't buy that it's rubbish.
    Always look for single origin extra virgin and cold pressed.
    Best quality oils come from Greece and Croatia. Although I never saw any Croatian oil in sale in UK you can find Greek oils easily.
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    whenever I can buy Spanish olive oil, I avoid any other
    You should try Greek or Croatian. They win top awards each year onamy international competitions.