2L milk (fresh ways) semi skimmed and whole 89p @ B&M

2L milk (fresh ways) semi skimmed and whole 89p @ B&M

Found 4th Jan 2015
Most supermarkets have this for £1 so I thought 89p was good. Should be nationwide.


89p in Asda at the moment.

79p @Aldi

89p Asda,88p Morrisons

As someone posted yesterday, fuel cheap, milk cheap, something happening soon with the government? Me strokes me beard wistfully

Trouble is the dairy farmers are losing money at these prices. BooHoo you say but if they go out of business then we'll be held to ransom in the future.

4 pints 89p at Iceland

is this 4 pints or 2l? cos 4 pints is same price as asda, tesco, aldi...

This deal is ok but I found 3 litres approx 6 pints is £1.14 in asda Northern Ireland. The man said it would be nationwide. Check your local stores.

See link: hotukdeals.com/dea…146

PLEASE can we stop posting milk and fuel prices! The 1p or 2p difference is not something to spend £1-2 on petrol for.

40p in my local b&m


40p in my local b&m

Not for 2 litres surely?
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