2p off per litre at Jet Scunthorpe (maybe others) + 'Cheap Fuel Today' (£1.28)

2p off per litre at Jet Scunthorpe (maybe others) + 'Cheap Fuel Today' (£1.28)

LocalFound 8th Apr 2014
This is a weird one, extremely local (unless others know of other sites), and more information than a deal - should it be in misc?

The Jet Scunthorpe fuel station opposite the Mallard pub and Asda always price match asda. So for example at the moment, Diesel is 132.9.

They also have 2p off per litre vouchers. These are given out every time I've filled up for the past year. So basically, you hand one in, you get one back etc etc. That takes it to 130.9. Already far cheaper than anywhere around here.

Then, they also have random "CHEAP FUEL TODAY" signs out at least once a week, on a random day but often weekends. The saving varies, but usually 5p off the normal price - last weekend it was 129.9 for Diesel. You CAN still use the 2p off vouchers, so thats 127.9! About 10p cheaper than nearby towns.

This all sounds good, but pretty useless for people not in Scunthorpe (and trust me, this is not a good enough reason to visit).

So I did some digging, and its an 'MRH Forecourt'. This seems to be a fairly big forecourt business all over the UK, so I thought it was worth posting in case your local does something similar. The 2p vouchers do state 'MRH Forecorts Limited' but I've never tried to use them at another site!

I also found a deal from the Bristol Post (thanks google!). It's expired, but it seems these guys do do some decent deals in other locations...


Feel free to move/spam if not appropriate, let me know if there's any more!
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A lot of petrol stations offer 2p off 2 times a week. Not really a deal for me sorry
its £1.26 at asda in hull

its £1.26 at asda in hull

For Diesel?!
Jet at Knottingley is much cheaper than other local petrol stations especially diesel .It, too, is MRH
1.26 in most places
Gonna try this one more time. Today's pump priced are:

Petrol: 125.9
Diesel 128.9

Everyone gets these prices, but with the 2pm off voucher as we'll I just filled up with diesel for 126.9. Petrol 123.9 obviously.

It's a full 10p more across town.
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