2pk re-usable toastie pockets £1 @ Poundland

2pk re-usable toastie pockets £1 @ Poundland

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2pk re-usable toastie pockets


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Oups sorry about that i haven t notice it

Still a good reminder, that was over 3 months ago! Thanks...
I love those bags, don't miss them! At this price you can't afford not to buy some...

do these actually work? i have just got around to buying my first toaster, i always used my george foreman grill before, and they seem like a good idea, as long as they do actually work.

My biggest concern with these is that you would end up with a big cheesey mess at the bottom of the bag.

I've never bothered with them but if they don't result in cheese sludge may be worth a look as the toasty machine is a b*tch to clean.

only 89p in B&M!!

these bags rock, they make lovely toastys

throw away our toasty machine

I was sceptical but bought a set. Glad to report these bags work very well and surprisingly you do not end up with a puddle of molten cheese sludge. They rinse clean very easily and can be used over and over.

My favourite is a simple ham, cheese and onion toastie, but you can also go sweet and try Nutella.

What's wrong with a toastie machine? Isn't that so much easier than "toastie pockets"??
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