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Posted 19 March 2023

2TB - Intel 670P [PCIe/NVMe] M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 3D4 QLC SSD, Dram Cache (up to 3500/2700MB/s R/W - £92.10 Delivered (Standard) @ LambdaTek

£92.10£97.986% off
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Intel 670p M.2 2000 GB PCI Express 3.0 3D4 QLC NVMeSSDPEKNU020TZX1

100 pcs available
at the time of posting. SELECT THE STANDARD DELIVERY, from the drop-down Shipping Method.

Anandtech Detailed Review
Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection prepares the SSD for unexpected system power loss by minimizing data in transition in temporary buffers, and uses on-board power-loss protection capacitance to provide enough energy for the SSD firmware to move data from the transfer buffer and other temporary buffers to the NAND, thus protecting system and user data. Intel® Rapid Start Technology Intel® Rapid Start Technology allows quick system resumes from the hibernate state.

Hardware Encryption Hardware encryption is data encryption done at the drive level. This is used to ensure that the data stored on the drive is secured from unwanted intrusion. End-to-End Data Protection End-to-End Data Protection ensures integrity of stored data from the computer to the SSD and back. Temperature Monitoring and Logging Temperature Monitoring and Logging uses an internal temperature sensor to monitor and log airflow and device internal temperature. The logged results can be accessed using the SMART command.

Intel® Smart Response Technology Intel® Smart Response Technology combines the fast performance of a small solid state drive with the large capacity of a hard disk drive. High Endurance Technology (HET) High Endurance Technology (HET) in SSD's combines Intel® NAND Flash Memory silicon enhancements and SSD system management techniques to help extend the endurance of the SSD.

Endurance is defined as the amount of data that can be written to an SSD during its lifetime. Intel® Remote Secure Erase Intel® Remote Secure Erase provides IT administrators a secure method for remotely wiping an Intel SSD from a familiar management console when retiring or repurposing a system. This allows for immediate re-use while saving administrative time and costs.
Lambda-tek More details at Lambda-tek
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  1. UEFI's avatar
    Not sure about this company recently ordered from them and nothing was charged other than the hold on my card... despite severall emails asking if they could still supply the item, i still havent had a reply. it also had 100 in stock.

    Samsung PM9A3 M.2 960 GB PCI Express 4.0 MLC NVMe (edited)
    agent_pires's avatar
    Careful that's a 22110 size drive. Won't fit most motherboards as they take 2280.
  2. Mᴀʀᴛʏɴ's avatar
    Hmm this or the WD BLACK SN770 2TB?
    dfunked's avatar
    Devil's advocate for a second as everybody else seems to be saying only buy the SN770 if you've got a gen 4 device. That's only true if you're comparing like for like drives. (QLC to QLC for example)

    The SN770 outclasses this in various other ways than just sequential read speed. It's just an overall better drive and I'd go for that given the choice even if you're limited by gen3
    If it's going to be used as a game drive you'll notice the difference when directstorage becomes more widely used.
  3. Mr_Bump's avatar
    so slow, avoid
    bogdan_lm20's avatar
    If you search online Intel 670p IS faster than some gen4 nvme ssd, so definitely NOT slow at all
  4. bogdan_lm20's avatar
    Bought it from skan @99.98 with Free Norton 360 with Game Optimser+ VPN + Password Manager 3 Device Worth £29.99 LN125905 Free Xclio Xcold Pro M.2 Heat Sink worth £9.99 - LN128442
    I'm happy with it, installed W11 in 5 min
    Now is 97.98 but you still get the frebies and the delivery was ultra fast, paid at 8 pm came next day at 10 am (edited)
    Brutes's avatar
    Yes, been several months, I am still waiting for them to be alllowed back here.
    Box and CClonline have been activated.
  5. hotters's avatar
  6. cozzyman's avatar
    any use on ps5? or the WD one?
  7. Paul_S77's avatar
    I have the 1TB version of SSD 670p. Used as OS drive in laptop for last eight or so months. Works great. Has been tuned for better real world use, so apps and os open/start quickly.

    Only time to avoid this drive would be if you do a lot of heavy writes IE hi res video editing etc (edited)
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