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Posted 18 March 2023

2TB - Netac NV7000 NVMe 1.4 M.2 Internal SSD PCIe Gen4 With Heatsink up to 7000/6700MB/s - £129.47 Sold by Netac Official Store @ Amazon

£129.47£165.9922% off
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Netac NV7000 2TB NVMe 1.4 M.2 Internal SSD PCIe Gen4 SLC Caching Aluminum Heatsink up to 7000MB/s, for Computer Game, PS5, PC

About this item

  • NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen4 *4 interface,Read/write speed up to 7000/6700MB/s.
  • High-quality 3D NAND Flash chips,Supports S.M.A.R.T/TRIM Command/NCQ.
  • NV7000 style comes with an aluminum heatsink, making your computer smoother and your gaming speed at its highest,All-in-one heatsink SSD design installs easily in the M.2 expansion slot.
  • NV7000 is compatible with PS5 consoles for an ultra-fast M.2 SSD storage expansion.
  • 100% after-sales service, we have a 5-year limited warranty

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  1. Candriu's avatar
    I've bought one of these drives a few days ago and it seems to be pretty good, especially if you can get it for <£130.
    The configuration (at least for the batch currently available on Amazon.uk) for the 2TB version is: InnoGrit IG5236, SK Hynix 2GB DDR4, and YMTC 128L TLC.
    This configuration is fast, probably faster than the Phison E18 + Micron 176L TLC combo (or at least on par). Only downside would be that YMTC is a fairly new company and they don't have much of a history of released NAND, so remains to be seen how reliable it is.
    Temperature wise the main sensor shows 54C, but the drive has 2 other sensors that can be read if you have HWinfo64. The heatsink seems to do okay when it comes to cooling the controller, so I wouldn't be too worried about temperatures.
    Gkains's avatar
    Surely the other issue, is that netac sampled a totally different drive for reviews. That's what got Kingston into the naughty corner for a few years when they did similar. Although in that case (some SATA 2.5" drive a few years ago, 300 SSDNow or something like that), the spec was way worse too.
  2. Gort1951's avatar
    NV7000 does not show Temperatures that are above 54 Degrees, Sensors are locked (Reason why it has a Heatsink)

    Controller is an Innogrit IG5236 and not a Phison E18 that other Brands use, reviewers though got a Phison 18 and better Flash Memory.

    No Software, Firmware update ? Warranty (claiming) ?
    Neostar's avatar
    Innogrit IG5236 is still a top tier controller

    Which you can find in SSDs from Adata, Plextor, Lexor, Asgard and many others

    Source: LTT
  3. brachisaurous's avatar
    anyone reading this....I'm using this very drive and was able to buy it on aliexp....for 100....AND ITS BLOODY GOOD
    Akshai_Raj's avatar
    Problem will be warranty
  4. somebloke1's avatar
    Looks like a great deal, not heard of netac, any good?
    Scrappy's avatar
    Got this exact one. Bought it direct from Netac for 135 from Ali. Was impressed with the quality out to box, great heatsink. So far, it's been pretty quick for me. It's not over heated for me either, stick at 54 degrees max when gaming. (edited)
  5. sypher365's avatar
    Have a gen3 2tb Nantec I bought over a year ago when they were listed on here for £165, did some research back then, Nantec are a pretty big manufacturer of drives in Asia. Have had no issues with my gen3, seems a decent price for a 2tb gen4. Would be tempted if the corsair drive I bought this week wasn't in the post already.
  6. Gkains's avatar
    If what the actual owners (below) say is correct, then that review is pretty useless.
    Looks like a major bait and switch: totally different controller, different NAND, etc. (edited)
  7. cheliuta's avatar
    Will this work on the Steam Deck?
    Brutes's avatar
    Unfortunately not, You need a 2230 form factor.
  8. somebloke1's avatar
    Gone for it, it’s for a PS5 so not too worried about reliability and Amazon should be good if any issues. Thanks for posting, heat added!
    powerbrick's avatar
    marketplace seller, so nope.
  9. lukeDduke's avatar
    Got mine today
    49803635-UfXeU.jpgFormatted and gave these speeds.

    Hope it helps Some1
    jordan.gittins's avatar
  10. keluar's avatar
    49806581-wDmJG.jpgNo problem with ps5
  11. jammiejam2k69's avatar
    Works with ps5 too
    saucymonk's avatar
    LOVE IT!
  12. kencool's avatar
    I am using it for my ps5 past 6 months. No issues so far.
  13. kingLAWZA's avatar
    Seems like bargain for 2tb gen4 and heatsink. Is this brand a dodgy chinese one or have a good reputation?
    gen271674's avatar
    Good reputation
  14. saucymonk's avatar
  15. uF0n's avatar
    This review gives cause for concern:

    Taronus's avatar
    Can’t access your link unfortunately

    All video reviews and written reviews I’ve seen so far are excellent though.
    What does this report mention?
  16. jordan.gittins's avatar
    Bought this drive for £135 a few months ago. See here

    It's been great honestly, never exceeded 60 degrees, and is noticeably faster than my crucial P3 gen3 ssd - mainly used for PC games + bulk storage but wouldn't have a problem using this as a main drive in a system. The latest post I saw has it for £109 currently. (edited)
    NotPayingThatMuch's avatar
    Same, no regrets!
  17. starsmasher's avatar
    £103 on AliExpress.
  18. beergut's avatar
    This deal (not the drive) should get scorching hot
  19. FlatulentFox's avatar
    Anyone considering this for a laptop should keep in mind that the drive is quite chunky (about 1cm+) and will not fit in a slim case. The heatsink can come off, but not without voiding the warranty.

    (Source: I just tried to stick one in an Inspiron 5505; too fat for either slot. Heatsink screw covered over with a sticker cautioning warranty invalidation.)

    This does *not* affect usability in the PS5 - here it's a perfect fit.
  20. CaraModernMyth's avatar
  21. lukeDduke's avatar
    Looks. Like amazing deal
    I hope there are no. Issues

    Using for ps5 so
  22. gen271674's avatar
    I thought was expired deal, but is not. To be clear, you have to click the promo text below the price to select 1 @ 22% off and that reduces price to that as shown here. (edited)
  23. Gort1951's avatar
    Youtube, skip to 4:21 and it's 54 Degrees.
    Neostar's avatar
    It does work as shown in the video, but you need to use HWiNFO64 to see the temp, you can see it reached 86 degrees
  24. DealHugger's avatar
    They have been around for quite a long while (20+ years). I have them in some of my less mission critical boxes, no issues so far.
  25. Gort1951's avatar
    2:39, 54 Degrees again.
  26. J88NYr's avatar
    Bargain! I bought mine from Aliexpress for more than this and it’s working a treat in my PS5
  27. RukasuMi's avatar
    call me when i can get 2tb for 100
    MentalFloss's avatar
    You haven't posted your number, how would we call you.
  28. designer_friend's avatar
    Does anybody know of an external enclosure that would fit this?
    MentalFloss's avatar
    A brand called "Orico" sells one for £20 or so. It's decently reviewed. Look for USB 3.2 10Gbps NVME Enclosures. Don't expect more than 1000 Mbps speeds in that though.

    That being said, unless you already have the drive, get this instead, you'll get the same speeds:

    To get better speeds out you'd need a 40 Gbps USB 4 enclosure and even there you'd get a max of 1.5-2 Gbps in the real world.

    In short, this drive is extreme overkill for external usage. Get something like the Kingston NV2 for £90.
  29. knapman's avatar
    My motherboard has built in heatsinks on the m.2 slots, are these included heatsinks removable without warranty issues?
    sypher365's avatar
    My Gen3 came with the heatsink not attached you had to add it yourself, watching the video above it looks like it comes attached but has screws on the side to take apart. (edited)
  30. DanTodd's avatar
    Tempted to get for my ps5 but did read some reviews that worried me, but they where few and far between.
  31. jamieandthemagictorch's avatar
    Thanks with the amount of games on the new extra and DLC i need more space! Going for this.
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