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2TB - WD_BLACK AN1500 PCIe Gen 3 x8 NVMe SSD Add-In-Card - 6500MB/s, 3D TLC, 2GB Dram Cache - £199.99 @ Amazon

£199.99£316.0237% off
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About this deal

PCIe Gen3 technology to provide access to incredible read/write speeds up to 6500/4100MB/s

Up to 4TB capacity to store your games

Bootable and easy-to-install RAID0 solution using PCIe slot

Downloadable WD_BLACK Dashboard software to customise and control your gaming experience

Customisable RGB lighting with 13 LED pattern effects programmable with our WD_BLACK Dashboard, or seamlessly integrate with motherboards from major brands (Windows only), Engineered to minimise thermal throttling with integrated heatsink technology
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  1. Toop's avatar
    When it comes to pcie.
    Each version has effectively doubled the bandwidth.

    The thing that is less discussed is the number of lanes.

    An M.2 slot will either do 2x or 4x.
    Most today are 4x

    So for an SSD going into the slot to get these kinds of speeds it will need to be pcie gen 4 4x

    PCIe gen 3 8x would need the slot but would have equivalent bandwidth.

    You may look into how your motherboard splits its lanes.

    the GPU may have to run at 8x

    Maybe a performance hit

    There's pcie bifurcation that's also worth reading about where you can configure how lanes are split
  2. robo989's avatar
    Seems like a dinosaur product.
    PCIE gen 3

    To give clarity, if you put this in a gen 4 4x slot, you will get gen 3 at 4x which is half the bandwidth.

    Ok no problem, put it in the second 16x slot right? Nope, that will nearly always take bandwidth from the GPU (edited)
    japes's avatar
    That's a fast dinosaur
  3. Gort1951's avatar
    Contains 2 x 1TB WD SN730 in RAID (Striping)
    A PCIe x4 Lanes M.2. Expansion card is under £5 on eBay, fast if PCIe 4.

    I ordered this.
    ebay.co.uk/itm…762 (edited)
    djglenn1337's avatar
    But that doesn't have a shiny led strip...
  4. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    it's cheaper to get the standard m.2 and put it in your motherboard though.
  5. xybp9's avatar
    Really very bad deal
    fishmaster's avatar
    Why is it a bad deal? Need more detail.
  6. JimMc's avatar
    PCIe gen 5 NVMEs coming out soon, 10GBps.

    I do wonder if you took the cover off this thing would it be a blank board with a tiny NVME chip in the middle and a couple of equally tiny DRAM chips next to it. (edited)
  7. Arkz's avatar
    Check you board specs first. I have a Gigabyte B450 DS3H, the second PCIE slot is 16 lane sized but only 4 lanes wired. So this would be no better than an m.2 nvme for me. I also have an MSI B450M MORTAR MAX that also has a second 16 lane slot, but that's also only wired for 4 lanes, and only PCIE gen2 according to the MSI site, so that would be worse than an nvme in the 3.0x4 m.2 slot.
  8. Poppin's avatar
    Heat for the creative idea but I’m going to pass on this deal.
  9. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Up to 4TB capacity to store your games

    No way I'd put this in a gaming PC, unless you like hogging some of PCIe the banwidth your GPU should be getting... (edited)
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    Hi mate qq I have a elgato 4kpro PCI’s card .. would that also reduce my GPU speed? I don’t often use it but it’s in the pc … thanks
  10. spotterscope's avatar
    No longer great spec sadly
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