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Posted 29 September 2022

2x 14TB WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drives - £569.99 Delivered @ Western Digital

£569.99£733.9822% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Another WD Red Pro offer, but this time it's on the 14TB models. Just add two to your basket and the price will drop at the checkout. Works out at £284.99 per 14TB Drive

Delivery is free / no codes needed.

WD Red™ Pro NAS HDD. For the Demands of Big Business.

Designed specifically with medium or large scale business customers in mind, WD Red™ Pro NAS HDDs are available for up to 24-bay NAS systems. Engineered to handle high-intensity workloads1 in 24x7 environments, WD Red™ Pro is ideal for archiving and sharing, as well as RAID array rebuilding on extended operating systems such as ZFS or other file systems. These drives add value to your business by enabling your employees to quickly share their files and back-up folders reliably in your NAS solution.

Exclusive NASware™ 3.0 Technology
Our exclusive advanced firmware technology, NASware™ 3.0, enables seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance for NAS systems operating under heavy demand. Built into every WD Red™ Pro hard drive, NASware 3.0’s advanced technology improves storage performance by increasing compatibility, integration, upgradeability, and reliability.

Built for Optimum NAS Compatibility
WD Red™ Pro drives with NASware™ technology takes the guesswork out of selecting a drive. Optimized for NAS systems, our unique algorithm balances performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. Simply put, a WD Red™ Pro drive is one of the most compatible drives available for NAS enclosures. But don’t take our word for it. WD Red™ Pro drives are a reflection of extensive NAS partner technology engagement and compatibility-testing.

Larger NAS Bay Shock Protection
WD Red™ Pro NAS HDDs are equipped with a multi-axis shock sensor that automatically detects subtle shock events and dynamic fly height technology which adjusts each read-write function to compensate and protect the data. This combination of technology further protects the drives in larger 24-bay NAS environments and helps increase hard drive reliability.

3D Active Balance Plus
Our enhanced dual-plane balance control technology significantly improves the overall drive performance and reliability. Hard drives that are not properly balanced may cause excessive vibration and noise in a multi-drive system, reduce the hard drive life span, and degrade the performance over time.

Error Recovery Prevention
Built specifically for RAID and NAS environments, WD Red™ Pro NAS HDDs come equipped with error recovery controls as part of NASware™ 3.0 technology to help reduce drive fallout in RAID applications.

Extended Drive Testing
A NAS environment that has up to 24 bays is very demanding on a hard drive with added vibration and heat. This is why every WD Red™ Pro drive is shipped with extended thermal cycle burn-in testing to help ensure each drive is tested for extended reliable operation.

Longer Warranty Coverage
WD Red™ Pro NAS hard drives comes with a 5-year limited warranty for an even greater peace of mind.

Desktop drives vs. WD Red™ Pro
Do right by your NAS and choose the drive purpose-built for NAS with an array of features to help preserve your data and maintain optimum performance. Take the following into consideration when choosing a hard drive for your NAS:

  • Compatibility: Unlike desktop drives, these drives are specifically tested for compatibility with NAS systems for optimum performance.
  • Reliability: The always-on environment of a NAS or RAID is a hot one, and desktop drives aren’t typically designed and tested under those conditions like WD Red™ Pro drives are.
  • Error Recovery Controls: WD Red™ Pro NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID error recovery control to help reduce failures within the NAS system.
  • Noise and Vibration Protection: Designed to operate solo, desktop drives typically offer little or no protection from the noise and vibration present in a multi-drive system. WD Red™ Pro drives are designed to thrive in multi-bay NAS system environments.

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  1. Avatar
    This is the worst direct sales I have every had the misfortune to buy from - slow delivery, zero customer service and they say 30 day return but hold onto your invoice until 30 days so you can't return it.
    They are absolutely terrible to deal with, and packaging is a joke.....
  2. Avatar
    Anyone considering buying a Western Digital drive, be aware that things have changed from how they made them years ago. The drive type to get is CMR and not the inferior SMR. The good news is that this model is the WD141KFGX and therefore CMR. It has eight platters to spread the data across a wider area, and usually that means better longterm reliablity and lifespan. If it weighs a ton in your hand then its a good sign it has plenty of platters!

    Have a good look at this webpage and site for more information, and a starting point for your research.

    List of WD CMR and SMR hard drives (HDD)
  3. Avatar
    Very good price but I still prefer to shuck at half the price
    What are you gonna shuck that gives you 28 TB for £ 285.00?
  4. Avatar
    4% cashback through quidco too.
    Possible 15% Student Beans as well. These could get really cheap if it all stacks

    10% Cashback with TCB as well. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    FOURTEEN TERABYTES??? Back in the 90s it was £200 for 64mb. And three gobstoppers for a penny etc.

    Always blows my mind. What's also crazy is Samsung can now stack 512GB unto a single stick on DDR5 RAM now. Half a terabyte on a stick of RAM
  6. Avatar
    imagine losing that much data though
    I would hope if you're buying 14TB drives you have them in a raid anyway. So data loss isn't a worry for drive failures
  7. Avatar
    Damn, gonna have to send back the box order I maid last night was £260 for a 10tb. I have 1 drive gone bad in a pr2100. However upgrading both drives to a 14TB seems like a no brainer as I was goign to pay £260 for a 10tb plus. Now i'm paying £285 for 2 14tb pros. AMAZING DEAL THANK YOU VERY MUCH. HEAT ADDED (edited)
    Hi rubber duck, your not getting 2 14tb for £285 that’s the price of 1, hate to burst your bubble.
  8. Avatar
    for those who don't explicitly need reds and just want big storage better price/TB to get the 18TB elements drive on amazon @ £274.99 currently and then shuck it if needed
    Worth pointing out that shucking is also for those who don't need a warranty either
  9. Avatar
    Nice find OP, pity it doesn't seem to work on the bigger ones
  10. Avatar
    tried 2 computers, 2 cards both say credit card authentication failed.

    anyone else had the same issue?
  11. Avatar
    Bought the WD purple in February and it's knackered already, what's the guarantee for returning this , not sure about buying another :/
  12. Avatar
    Maybe the deal is good
    Just interesting what you store 14 TB ? if this not for movies then for what ? What possible can take 14 TB it is only for single drive say you make RAID 5 then 14 + 14 + 14 and one 14 TB HDD redundancy = 42 TB OMG
    42 TB for personal use
    4K drone footage.
  13. Avatar
    Thanks Op.

    May consider replacing my 8 and 12tb REDs with 2 of these, as my old ones are now out of warranty (but still fine).

    Went to the site and signed up for emails, which suggests you get 10% of next order. Anyone know how long this takes to come through? And would this order qualify as it's already a promotional price?
    Just to confirm the email came through, but the 10% code does nothing. Doesn't say it's not valid though. Slightly odd.
  14. Avatar
    That's a lot of pr0n!
  15. Avatar
    Awful customer service, returns are a nightmare speaking from experience.

    Great drives, just make sure you want to keep it.
    Feels weird given my distaste for corporations, but this is the 2nd time in a day that I’m coming to offer a balanced view for this one company (other time was for SanDisk):
    I’ve had to RMA a failing (not even failed) red drive and return a portable hard drive bought in error, both no problem. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    FYI People.

    These are noisy, you will hear them chundering.
    Probably this is the curse of high capacity HDDs...
    I have 3x3TB WD Reds for over 10 years in my NAS and they are virtually silent. Recently added a 18TB Seagate and got really disappointed by how noisy it is.
    I was thinking of going for these WD Reds instead, hoping they would be silent, but you comment discouraged me.
  17. Avatar
    It does not seem much of a deal when you can get 18TB Hitachi MG09ACA18TE for just over £300 each.
  18. Avatar
    Nice find, but Im still fine for a year or two space-wise
  19. Avatar
    4% Cashback on quidco
  20. Avatar
    Wow 14TB drives! What's the max we can currently manufacture?

    A lot of data to lose if you if you don't backup your NAS. Stay safe guys/gals backup, backup, backup.
  21. Avatar
    I don't mean Time Machine but over a year ago I'm sure I paid £159 each for two 14Tb Elements.

    What's going on with prices? My collection of Linux ISOs is fit to burst but not paying this.