2x 2L bottles of pop for 12p @ Tesco
2x 2L bottles of pop for 12p @ Tesco

2x 2L bottles of pop for 12p @ Tesco

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just come across this in the tescos express in neston

they have a 2 for £2 on various bottles of 2L pop, this went through at 12p on the self-checkout.

perfect timing with all this ace weather

pix or it didnt happen- s30.postimg.org/erf…jpg


Which ones did you buy

Original Poster

sprite and dr pepper- see pic

my tesco express was empty...

Working on Wimbledon Chase

It didn't work in tooting tesco express
I got 2 sprites

Best served ice cold hot from me

works in wigan tesco express whelley, bought 6 bottles, best 36p I ever spent, if this dont get heat into the thousands I'll be shocked

Working here,26 bottles for price of 1.quality post op.

Just sprite and Dr pepper?

Worked in Tesco Express Derby but staff is aware about this glitch and they removed it from my basket

Combination checked : Sprite + DR.PePPER

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Does not work in extra stores tested

Is it only Sprite and Dr Pepper, so I couldn't get 2x Sprites?

Worked in 3 tesco express's in leicester. Fanta, fanta zero, sprite, dr pepper and lilt. All 2 for 12p.
Stocked up for the summer!

worked just now, staff in my local had taken loads for themselves!!!

Fanta also


Does it work in extra

My express don't have self check out...
Does it have to be??
Anyone know?

Roll on the HUKD pics of pop towers!!!

did not work in Hartlepool tesco



Best served ice cold hot from me

How do you achieve that? A drink served ice cold hot?

Doesn't work in my local

In Hartlepool too 26 I'm over the moon this is great heat love hotdeals

Hartlepool tesco express Throston

Anyone tried coke ?

I know they're not 2 litre bottles but they are 2 for £2

Edit: Just tried and it doesn't work.
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drink water.

Got 6 for 36p tempted to get more but felt like a criminal lol thanks heat+++

Worked in St Marys in Southampton, only Fanta left though

Didn't work in Chester

The nob working in my local always stops me getting more than eight glitched items. he literally grabs a trolley and takes the rest of the shelf when I'm collecting stuff. Might try this glitch and film him chasing me again.

why can't these glitches happen in tesco extra? I had to drive 30 mins to hop on that ice-cream deal but don't think I'll make that trip for some pop.

not working in Stanground Peterborough.

not working in Stanground Peterborough.

not working Stanground Peterborough

working in Bristol. Nobody on the shop floor so the shelf was cleared.

The self serves help to keep the staff grubby noses out! Works in bham hurst st and bham bath row but not Hagley road. Also be prepared to pay if it doesn't work or they'll think something fishy is going on! Heat from me, 10 mixed bottles will do for few weeks

60 bottles for £3.60 instead of £60

Must look for this

the girl at the till looked really offended that I let 7 people go before me just to wait for the self serve till as I bought bottles 7 and 8

It's tempting to stock up on these, but as I get through 1 bottle of these every few months it's probably spending for the sake of it. Very very hot deal though
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