2x Elmlea Double Cream 99p @ Co-Op

2x Elmlea Double Cream 99p @ Co-Op

Found 4th Jul 2008
I was just in my local Co-Op and bought 2x Elmlea Double Cream for 99p (Buy One Get One Free). Good considering the Co-Op's own brand is 99p for one.
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Not very good for you contains Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (26%), Vegetable Oil (8.8%) , Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is very bad
[SIZE=3]This is not Double Cream, so not comparable to the price of double cream as it is artificial cream, and far worse, as the previous poster says, full of trans-fats :-([/SIZE]
Hmm, I shall bear that in mind thanks! :-D
Why go to the bother of making fake cream?



Why go to the bother of making fake cream?

Why go to the bother of making fake Butter too? Same reasons. In the past it was a LOT cheaper than real milk products.
Margarine is not exactly a modern product either, and has only recently become a "quality" product, with monounsatrurated fat, olive oil or whatever with spurious potential health benefit - in the past, it was made from all manners of waste fat, animal and vegetable! I personally find it tastes disgusting, but have to admit that some brands are light years ahead of the old style.

Cream is something that has been faked for many years, or if not exactly faked, substituted with poor quality "toppings" like Tip-top.
Elmlea & the like is very carefully marketed to appear the same as cream, without ever making the claim it is, hence people just assume it is.

Historically I think cream was always fairly expensive, but now it isn't that dear, perhaps as so much milk is skimmed for sale, there is no shortage of cream left over, and the diet conscious public don't queue up to buy it!

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