2x iHealth blood pressure docks for £9.99 + p&p (poss 6.06% tcb) @ LloydsPharmacy

2x iHealth blood pressure docks for £9.99 + p&p (poss 6.06% tcb) @ LloydsPharmacy

Found 23rd Mar 2014
RRP is £89.99

Was £54.95, then reduced to £19.99.

Now reduced to £9.99 and buy one get one free, so only £5 apiece if you buy 2.

Standard delivery is £2.95

Free delivery for orders over £35

Topcashback offers 6.06% (quidco 4%) so a potential for a further saving.

Monitors and records blood pressure and heart rate on your iPhone, iPod toch or iPad.

Fitted with a rechargeable battery.

When plugged into the mains, can be used as a charging dock for your Apple device.

Should be compatible with latest Apple models using 30 pin to lightning dock adapter costing little more than £1 on eBay. I'll test this and hopefully confirm later on today.
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Seems like a sweet deal. Ordered.
548 in stock.

548 in stock.

says its out of stock
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somethings wrong with the site, it says everythings out of stock!
Looks a misprice Lloyd's on Amazon have this at £29.99
I managed to order one last night. Waiting to see if it goes through or gets cancelled.

Looks a misprice Lloyd's on Amazon have this at £29.99

Was £20 last month so prob correct price but it's oos so misprice or not is irrelavent.

Perhaps expiring this deal was premature as it is still in stock apparently.

Oh well, I hope someone else sees this deal and benefits from the stupidly low price.

If a mod is reading, please check that this is still showing as in stock and unexpire accordingly.
I have an ipad air but still ordered, dad has the ipad 3 and mum has the iphone 4 so will be able to us it. is the newer model that doesn't require the dock better?
Its back in stock again

Its back in stock again

Yes, it's been available all evening, but the deal is still "expired".

It seems a shame for others to miss out on the deal because it has the wrong status.

Anyone know what I can do to get this unexpired?
The price is definitely right and it's in stock. I got an email today saying mine has been shipped. So this listing needs to get unexpired.
unexpired for you.

unexpired for you.

Thank you!
Mine arrived today, got it charged and app downloaded but not used yet.
Mine is here as well, need to test ......
Buy one get one free now

Too bad it doesn't support newer devices
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