2x Portable Dehumidifying Egg Dehumidifier Damp Reusable Mould Remover Moisture was £19.99 now £7.99 @ eBay / COLOR-PRO INKS

2x Portable Dehumidifying Egg Dehumidifier Damp Reusable Mould Remover Moisture was £19.99 now £7.99 @ eBay / COLOR-PRO INKS

Found 18th Mar 2013
No more dampness with these amazing Dehumidifying Eggs.

A great way to ease the problem of unwanted moisture around the house. Using its advanced capillary ceramic technology, moisture is absorbed and then retained by special silica granules inside the egg. Great for use in small rooms or areas where excess moisture can cause problems.

Reduces the risk of mildew occurring in spaces such as wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Prevents dust mite population from increasing. Stops condensation on windows and water pipes. Puts a stop to musty smells. Removes Mould fungus and mildew from appearing.

A moisture indicator is located on each side of the egg holder – A blue shows the Dry Egg is ready to absorb moisture, and a Pink indicates that the egg is full. Once full of moisture, The Dehumidifying Dry Egg can be regenerated by placing it into a microwave max 10 mins and oven for max 25 mins

- Double usage: Has the function of dehumidifier and decoration.
- Cordless design: No electricity needed, Portable Model.
- Moisture level indication: Color changing indicator to indicate the level of moisture adsorption.
- Re-usable: When fully adsorbed with moisture, place into microwave oven to regenerate and use again and again.
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seems interesting... gimmick or does it actually work?
I bought some last time so will see. Won't know for a while, that's the trouble

I wouldn't say they are decorative though!
Just bought them. Thanks

Hopefully they work
We had one and found it didn't do much. We didn't notice a difference we still had a lot of dampness in that room. Cold for me...... Sorry
cold if u got damp or high humid problem over %65 humid. u will need real Dehumidifier. i got one and my humidity level is %70 ish and its collect over 3 litre a day.
SO you put it in the oven or the microwave - I guess to evapourate the moisture? Where does the moisture go then - yip, back in to the house. Gimmick!
12.99 now
I have these, please don't waste any pennys on them. Useless things.
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