2X12 French Macarons @Tesco - £5

2X12 French Macarons @Tesco - £5

Found 7th Dec 2013
The Macaron is the trendy French pastry. With firm but delicate shells and soft creamy center, the macaron is so delicious

Madagascar's Vanilla

The Madagascar's vanilla is intense and fragrant. You will love its smoothness.

Caramel & Guérande Salt

The Guérande salt subtly enhances the sweetness of caramel. A combination, that will make you melt.

Santo Domingo's Chocolate

Santo Domingo's cocoa is refined, spicy and powerful. This is a must

Mara des Bois Strawberry

The Mara des Bois is a small strawberry with a hint of acidity. It is a gourmet delight.
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Had these in France will be seeking them out
46 people voted hot yet just 61 degrees? surely those who vote it cold never had Macaron in their life and will never know how good it is
62 hot votes, just 83 degrees
Got to get some, good price
big tescos only I supposed

big tescos only I supposed

Won't be in the smallest ones, but I saw both in medium and big tesco
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