2x170g (340g) frozen venison burgers at aldi for just £0.99

2x170g (340g) frozen venison burgers at aldi for just £0.99

Found 7th Sep 2015
Spotted at one of hull's aldi stores earlier today... thats a good deal for venison burgers. a pack of frozen 2x170g burger. each burger: 30g of protein and only 8g of fats per burger.
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cold its just not LIDL
That's a excellent deal.....aldi are starting to reduce all of their summer foods about now, will check the one at the top of my street. Good find
Just picked up 8 packs, also got the pulled pork @ 99P.
Just got the pulled pork as well as the venison burgers
You can't beat good cheap meat, and Venison too!....I always thought Venison was deer meat
,Poor poor Bambi.
Packed full of other crap inside them. Yuck!
these seem a bit deer
The Venison burgers are okay, got a few packs, as well as a few of the pulled pork, chicken wings and drumsticks and Salmon Terrine, bargain!!

Packed full of other crap inside them. Yuck!

you are wrong. the aldi ones are made with around 97-98% venison from new zealand. (haven't been able to get them in my local for a while so don't recall the exact amount.)

you are probably thinking of the highland game ones you get in most supermarkets. they are rubbish - almost as much pork as venison, plus filler.
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90% venison

90% venison

that's pretty darned good, imo. not surprising they actually taste like venison then, unlike highland game which taste more like pork burgers.

highland game venison grillsteaks : Venison 56%, Pork 24%, Water, Rusk (Wheat Flour, Salt), Salt, Wheatflour, Dextrose, Preservative (E223), Sodium Triphosphate (E451), Flavouring Preparation (Herb and Spice Extracts), Antioxidant (E300)
I put mine in the bin, taste like rubber. Not like Aldi to sell rubbish but these were horrible IMO. Tesco's venison burgers were very nice and I would recommend them instead.
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