2x250g Lavazza Rossa for £3.60 with MyPicks at Waitrose

2x250g Lavazza Rossa for £3.60 with MyPicks at Waitrose

Found 3rd Mar 2016
The double pack of Lavazza Rossa is £4.50 at the moment in Waitrose
But with 20% myPick discount they work out as £1.80 each 250g packet

Now if you can find the promotional triple pack of Rossa that would be £1.20 a packet, but can't imagine there are many left

Offer expires 15/03/16
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What is mypick discount please?

What is mypick discount please?

If you have a Waitrose card (it's free) you get perks such as free coffee or tea, free newspaper with minimum spent (around £2 weekdays and £6 at weekends) and you can also choose 10 items from an extensive list for which you get an extra 20% off
The mypick list is ridiculous, you can't search for items and have to scroll through page after page to manually find things. They let you search for shopping why couldn't we add from that page.
I want it,thank you
Hi, thanks for posting. It might be worth putting in the title or description what the item is i.e. ground coffee.

£1 a pack at B&M has been for years!
This is a lovely coffee

£1 a pack at B&M has been for years!

Where? highly unlikely for this quality of coffee.
The problem with including the MyPicks discount is that they don't allow unlimited changes to your MyPicks selection, so you'll get a good price while the offer is on, but as soon as it goes back up to full price you're stuck with it. Better off using MyPicks for things you buy on a regular basis.
Don't really think that the MyPicks discount should be included in the HUKD price for this reason.
This stuff is great in my moka maker. will pick more up if its this price in my local store.
Just wondering if anyone who is a myWaitrose member has received anything in the post recently? I received quite regular mailings from myWaitrose in 2015 but haven't had anything in the post tat all his year....

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