2x2litres fresh milk £1.50 @ farm Foods

2x2litres fresh milk £1.50 @ farm Foods

Found 30th Dec 2009
as from sunday 3rd january farmfoods will be selling 2 x 2 litres of fresh milk for £1.50 so thats pretty much 7.5pints of milk for £1.50.this deal includes semi skimmed/whole mlik and the one.
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I always buy milk from Farmfoods and thought paying a pound for 2 liters milk was the cheapest youcan ever buy. But this deal just beats it. I want those semi skimmed ones......cant wait
they are also selling hovis bread 800g 2 for £1 from sunday.previously 2 for £1.50.most other foodstores sell it for about £1.25 each
oh my goodness.....impressive and expecting this to get rather hot!
thanks for this!
Thanks for the heads up, that's a really good price!
We get our milk from farmfoods, cant believe this price... Heat added
Top Deal! Only Morrisons can match it ( 2 Litre St Ivel for 75p )
Why waste time on a saving worth 20p? Cold!

Why waste time on a saving worth 20p? Cold!

If you buy more than 24 pints of milk a week like we do,:w00t: (Big Family!) over the year it's worth it!

Why waste time on a saving worth 20p? Cold!

your an idiot tesco charge close to £2 for 1 x 2 litre
you get 2 x 2 litre's for £1

bargain as usual for farm foods one of the only stores that dont blindly try to rip you off
with fake rrp's all the time

Why waste time on a saving worth 20p? Cold!

Thanks for the heads up mate :o)
also sunday hovis is £1 buy one get one free

sorry just seen someone said before oops
Think the idiot's the one that can't spell!
Seems a good deal, they are starting to undercut the 4 pints for a quid from Iceland too.
And its Litres, not Liters!!!
every thing farm food sells is excellent priced,there biscuit variety...3 for£1....MCain 1.5kg straight thin chips for £1......God they sell best stuff for the cheapest price.not like aldi and lidl......few things are cheap to grab customers,and the other things match tesco and sainsbury prices...........trying to fool we people.........great farm food.heat added
I popped in to farm foods earlier bargain as usual

2 Hovis
2 x 2 Litres of milk

£2.50 total

Just checked online at tesco
£5.34 for the same

Oh was 6 days date on the bread and 10 on the milk
lucky to get 2 or 3 days date at tesco
im sure they buy old bread cheap
everybody should buy their milk from farmfoods! then tesco and asda might stop charging extortionate prices! occasionally i have to buy milk from tesco when i cant make it to ff's or iceland,it really hurts to spend £1.60 for 2 litres!heat n rep.
Y is this offer marked as expired? It is still running
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