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Posted 14 September 2022

3% AER Flex Regular Saver - deposit up to £200 per month, 3 withdrawal allowed (current account required) @ Nationwide

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Why choose Flex Regular Saver?
Save often and make the most of your money with our regular savings account. Deposit up to £200 each month for 12 months.

Interest rate3.00% AER/gross a year (variable)

Access to your moneyMake up to 3 withdrawals during the 12 month account term without impacting your interest rate.

Make 4 or more withdrawals and your rate will drop to 1.00% AER/gross a year (variable) for the rest of the term. We'll apply the lower rate on the day you make your fourth withdrawal.

Manage your moneyOnline – using our Internet Bank or Banking app
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    I just feel like everyone is better of waiting till after the rate rise on thursday so they can better compare rater than the few deals (that might not even be competitive) that have been put out a few days before.
    This isnt a fixed deal accounts, its only £200 a month a wont effect your ISA allowance.
    The rate rises make little immediate effect from what I've seen
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    I found this useful, i have some money sitting in my nationwide account that i might aswell make a couple of quid on without too much hassel. Thanks
  3. Avatar
    Savers subsidising mortgages.
    That's been the case for the best part of 15 years now hasn't it. I think perhaps Truss'onmics will see that changing.
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    These regular saver accounts that a lot of banks have are all a bit of a con because they make you think you are getting a higher rate of interest than you really are.

    The interest rate is really 1.63%.

    You could get better instant saver rates from;
    Virgin current account 2.02% (max £1000)
    Virgin Saver 1.71%
    Zopa 1.85% (app only account)

    and the freedom to save and spend as you like.

    1st Direct Regular Saver pays more than Nationwide at 1.9% but isn’t so flexible (no withdrawals)

    Figures correct last time I checked!
    Here we go again...
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    3 percent looks tasty I must admit but over the 12 months I will have saved £2400 but what will be my total at the end of that period not a lot more I suspect is it really worth it in the long run just politely asking
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    Maximum 200 a month, so your severely limited on any decent return.... There's better deals out there...
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    You must also take into account that a half a percent rise in interest rates on sept 22nd is a possibility 👌so you might be jumping the gun on this deal
    If they want to control inflation, half a percent isn't going to cut the mustard is it.
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    I use the calculators at;

    The calculator site

    you can work the interest over a year on a fixed sum or as a monthly amount, gives you an idea if it’s worth it

    lump sum stuck into a chase instant access savings thing (1.5% at time of writing, there are better rates out there?) should return
    £200 a month into the nationwide regular saver one could give this (assuming you don’t miss any payments or withdraw anything?)
    hmm got a question for you, so in your 1st month, can you deposit £400? opening the account with £200 and then putting another £200 in that same month?
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    This is old now been this deal since Febuary....
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    rubbish not a deal
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    I can't seem to find the deal on their site anymore, comparing their savings. Seems like they have scrapped it. Thinking to switch to the bond which has a better interest rate for a year.
    Still showing in my app.

    Have 600 pounds so far ( plus 1500 in the main account that has 5% interest )

    This, unlike the 3.5% first direct or other 12 months savers, pays out interest when you close the account.

    Fist direct pays 0.15 or something if you close before term. (edited)