3 alcholic beer crates for £18 instore @ morrisons
3 alcholic beer crates for £18 instore @ morrisons

3 alcholic beer crates for £18 instore @ morrisons

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Hi .I was working today and noticed people stacking the shelves with crates of beer and a sign saying any 3 for £18. Its apparently starting tommorrow. But will find out what types tommorrow definatly.

Brahma 12x330ml
Carling 12x440ml
Carlsberg Export 15x275ml
Gaymers Pear 12x440ml
Miller 12x330ml
Strongbow 12x440ml

Maximum 6 in total per customer
- nicster08

also 10x330 magners
- ukmonkey


They have been doing 3 for £18 for ages but the deal finished in my local Morrisons last Sunday.

Hot if true - need to stock up for Xmas again

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Unless stores done it different times ? Well i was working like at 20.30 so recently saw it.

3 for £18 is the minimum I would put my hand in my pocket for at this time of year! Good price though!

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haha i can get it for £16.20 with my discount card

heard a guy telling a customer to wait for tomorrow for the beer deal , was still £9 each today but said 3 for £18 tomorrow

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Yh the offer was for tommorrow i asked the bloke

cool! been waiting for this offer! heat added

Just admiring the big jugs in the picture... What?!?

Have you noticed they have reduced the size of the packs in these deals:
2 years ago - 3 x 18 cans
last year - 3 x 15 cans
This year - 3 x 12 cans.

price increase by the back door.

Jusy been into my local Morrisons today, and the 3 for £18 deal is back on. Seems to come and go every couple of months, but HOT while it is on!

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Forgot to look yesterday will have a look 2 day


2 years ago - 3 x 18 cans

Are you sure about this?
If it was 440ml cans, and 3x18 for £18 that's equivalent to £0.76/litre or £8 for a 24 pack. Can't remember it being that cheap 2 year ago.

15 x Coors Light Bottles and 15 x Tuborg Bottles also in this offer at Coventry Morrisons.

Cupboard now full!

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Thanks for informationeveryone
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