3% APR Loan with First Direct

3% APR Loan with First Direct

Found 4th Apr
Thought this was a good deal for those needing a loan.

3%APR for loans between £15050 to £30000 for 1st Account holders.
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Unfortunately not for all customers, check the small print. Recently applied having been a customer for 23 years with an excellent credit history. I was declined this rate and offered 5.9%. I went with Tesco who did offer me 3% !!
I got a loan the other day (new windows) and MSE showed that Zopa of all places was the cheapest. I got a 7500 loan for 2.8% (seems 51% of customers get this).

I haven't had a loan in about 10 years and remember last time the process was long and protracted. well i was lying in bed on my tablet and it took me 45 sec to fill the form in and to get confirmation back of approval and the money within 3 days. it was scary easy and seems clear why young folk get themselves into so much debt.

anyway cold from me as there are cheaper out there, sorry
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I recently used Zopa, very impressed with the rate and service provided by Zopa.
I hadn't even heard of Zopa before, it looks good. I would also vote my own deal cold based on this! Haha
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