£3 Blinkbox Credit
£3 Blinkbox Credit

£3 Blinkbox Credit

As the title says

Paste this link:-



how ?

lol, i was confused there but then seen the link - blinkbox.com/per…ing

No idea how to make it into a hyperlink sorry

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You've got to paste them link because the button doesn't work for some reason.

Thanks! Did it
and it apparently expires on the 1st of November 2010
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asume for new accounts only


asume for new accounts only

It's easy enough to just create a new gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc and link it to your old email

EDIT: With the £3 you can rent "Let the Right One In" for halloween, and have £1 left over. Theres plenty of other rentals at that price.
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had a couple email addresses got the codes ok thanks
heat added

And this is cold because.....?
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