3 bottles of wine for £10 save over £5 @ Tesco

3 bottles of wine for £10 save over £5 @ Tesco

Found 30th Jul 2008
first timer so go easy... usual offer the supermarkets are offering, 3 bottles of wine for 10 quid. Slght difference here is that the wine is of good quality. I just got 1 bottle of Hardys chardonnay (£5.16), 1 bottle of Hardys Cabernet Sauvignon (5.19) and a bottle of Banrock Station Shiraz (£5.19), loads of others to choose from on the shelf. Not sure when this offer started or ends sorry, will update asap. Not sure if I've done all this ok, I'm sure you lot will let me know... be aware this is INSTORE, not actually sure if you can order it on the website. Broughton Chester branch incidently...cheers !!


Voted hot - if only for the big magnum-sized bottle.


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Asda are also doing 3 for 10. Some of them are poor, but they are including The Little Penguin vineyard products in that deal - their Shiraz is excellent.

The only issue with Hardys labels is that they have so many, some of which are pretty poor plonk - the Stamp series are ok - I'd wager these are their Voyage range.

Still, 3 for £10 - good price for a slurp!

Thanks for the heads up - HOT from me

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ahhh thanks for the help Juliet B... just checked the range and its the 'Varietal' range and the offer runs till 03/09/08... not sure if Varietal is nice though as we're quaffing down a bottle of cheapo Asda red at the minute...£2.78 and its bob-on 'Montepulciano D'Abruzzo' apparrenntllyyy hic...!!

Even had a dryish rose 6.99 a bottle included in this offer forget what it was as bought for pressie

Yes it's online under the "Offers & Ideas" tab.

There's a Gallo 5 Oaks Shiraz Rose priced £7.99 there, but none of the bottles the OP listed are in the online deal.

Funny thing is, when you click on the "3 for..." link which is next to each bottle in the list, a pop-up window opens with other bottles available and the ones the OP listed are all there and some others too???

Echo Falls Califorian Red, 3 for £10.. Voted good deal.....:-D

The Hardys Varietal range is my favourite tipple - will be heading down to stock up on a couple of cases.

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