3 Cosmopolitan magazines for 99p plus two free gifts

3 Cosmopolitan magazines for 99p plus two free gifts

Found 19th Jul 2006
Cosmopolitan Subscription
Cosmopolitan celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life inspiring young women to be the best they can be. The best selling magazine in the world for a Fun, Fearless, Female


Treat her to a subsciption to Cosmopolitan for only 33p per copy and you receive a free Mens Health T-Shirt and Watch.

This is advertised in this Months (dated August) Mens Health magazine.


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The 'Go to deal' button is wrong. If you click on it takes you to greatmagazines instead of quality magazines. Don't know what I did wrong as when you hover over it, it looks like it's pointing to qualitymagazines.co.uk.

You need to go to.


Sorry everyone

The Go To link now points to Quality Magazines, but you can also use this link ]http//ww…A22 for Cosmopolitan and the same deals directly with Subscription.Co.UK

Thanks for the original post by the way

really cant argue with the offer....great deal:thumbsup:
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