3 Day weekend rental from Hertz @ London Heathrow  £62.63 - New Ford Mondeo

3 Day weekend rental from Hertz @ London Heathrow £62.63 - New Ford Mondeo

Found 1st Aug 2008Made hot 7th Aug 2008
This has to be the deal of the summer. Came across this special offer for a Mondeo 1.8 LX (diesel I hope) 3 day weekend rate £62.63 with unlimited miles and vat/taxes all in. You can hire the Ford Ka, Fiesta or Focus for something like £52-£55ish but why not pay the few extra pounds and get this huge comfortable motor. I tried searching in other locations in London, closer to where I live but they were all coming up with higher prices for the same rental period. Seems like Heathrow airport branch is the cheapest.
Use discount voucher code 587954 to get this rate which includes 10% off. Otherwise the price comes up as £69 odd. Excellent if you know of anyone coming from abroad flying in on a Friday at Heathrow and could do with this deal. Works out at £20.87 per day!! I can't even get to Heathrow from my home by cab for 20 quid and I live 11 miles away!! From my experience all cars in the Hertz fleet or no older than 6/7 months. So you'll get the new tank sized Mondeo. I'm tempted to book this even though I have a perfectly adequate car parked up on the driveway.


dont understand why this has gone cold, its a good deal i reckon.

you can get vectra from enterprise for less than £60 3 days special WE

Unfortunately not as good as it appears. I hired a fiesta for the weekend which was supposed to cost approx £23 in total. When I arrived to collect they advised that the excess would be £1500 (regardless of who was to blame) unless I took out additional insurance cover for approx £42 which would waiver this sum.

Tinker Is Right On This One, But If You Book With Mastercard Or Visa Through The Net Using Relevant Voucher Codes, You Can Even Get A Free Upgrade, Providing The Next Level Of Car Is In Stock, But The Excess Malaaki Is A Right Bummer

Are you guys planning on causing that much damage? No wonder it's so high. If someone else is to blame, you sue them for the money.

Btw, according to the hertz website, the excess is £550 -£1400 depending on vehicle type without CDW. Personally I never taken CDW insurance (except in contries where it's mandatory), but if you want the extra insurance, of course you need to pay extra for it. All rental companies have a similar policy afaik

Only trouble is, the discount code only applies for bookings made by mastercard!

Code posted earlier by edi

Use these codes for bookings by Visa (652970, 652969 or 618583)

the vectras ugly


the vectras ugly

The Vectra is no more anyway. Back on topic, it's for a New Ford Mondeo anyway :roll:


the vectras ugly

If it's a hire car for 3 days does it really make a blind bit of difference?

the insignia is nicer tho - phoenix vectra


1car1.co.uk is quite cheap as well and their cars are mostly new and 500£ excess is standard. You can lower it as well



Back on topic, it's for a New Ford Mondeo anyway :roll:

That's what I thought, when I'd reserved a new Mondeo from Hertz at Edinburgh airport (which turned out to be a rubbish Vectra, because they'd run out of Mondeos).
I should have asked for a "downgrade" to an Astra (because the Vectra is that rubbish).

can someone let me know how this works plz, do you have to leave a deposit of some sort? and neither me or my mum have a credit card, so is this a no go?

10% Quidco on Hertz as well :thumbsup:


can someone let me know how this works plz, do you have to leave a … can someone let me know how this works plz, do you have to leave a deposit of some sort? and neither me or my mum have a credit card, so is this a no go?

You need a credit card

i hired last weekend from salisbury. i went for the 1.6 ford focus at £57. i ended up having to pay a £550 deposit and £70 fuel deposit and anded up with a 1.8 vauxhall astra and my debit card being swiped for £677:w00t:
i had booked through alamo which no longer exists as its now owned by this mob.
i had to treat the car with kid gloves, because i was afraid i might lose my deposit.
the worst bit is when they told me that if all was well with the car when i returned it the deposit refund could take up to 10 days!
mine took only 4 :whistling:
take my advise. only book with a credit card. fortunately i dont use them, but this would have been better on this occcassion

A quick tip about Hertz at Heathrow: they may suggest that you don't fill up the tank before returning the car, and that they'll fill it up using their discounted petrol ("we buy in bulk, so can get it cheaper, don't you know.."), ignore them.

I fell for this scam 2 months ago. It seemed like a great deal, but when I came to return the car (with my flight taking off shortly afterwards), the "check-in guys" knew absolutely nothing about it, and were quoting me about £2 a litre to fill up the tank. I had to reverse out of the car lot and go and find a last-minute petrol station.

Beware. It's a con.

Fill the petrol tank up yourself before returning it to Hertz, Heathrow.

Edited cause I misread the original renting company as Avis. I've never used Hertz, but I presume they're ok. The usual caveats apply when renting:

- Don't take the additional insurance. It can easily double the cost of the rental. If you really think you're likely to damage the car then you can purchase an excess waiver separately much cheaper elsewhere (search on Google).

- Don't bother with any fuel pre-purchase offer. It's almost always cheaper to bring the car back full.

- You will need a credit card with a decent limit, as some companies authorise an amount equal to the insurance excess.

- Check for damage carefully when hiring and don't be afraid to record even the most minor marks on the inspection sheet. Don't forget to check wheels for scratches and windscreens for chips when doing this. And don't let them rush you!

- Don't let them hit you for personal accident insurance or any other expensive options. If you're really worried, it's much cheaper to buy these elsewhere.

- If you want a really good deal, phone around local branches. They often seem to have some leeway when it comes to prices, so you can sometimes play them off against each other to an extent.

- If booking at short notice, always call rather than booking online. They seem to operate an overbooking system similar to airlines - I reserved a car online once only to find out at short notice that no vehicles were actually available.

Errr random list of tips I know - the original deal posted is pretty good though. Especially for a rental from Heathrow.



i had Merieva 4 days for £59, from Eterprise, they pick u up from home and take you back when rental finish, £150 deposit, £500 Excess
excellent service

definitely only heathrow? Not gatwick for instance?
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