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3 Decks Including Free Grip + Element Complete Skateboard £71.17 With Code OR 3 Decks for £39.99 Delivered @ Rollersnakes (UK Mainland)

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Hi, my name is Ken and I think I have a problem I want to buy this lot, but I really don't need it.
Absolutely fantastic bundles to be made if you have a play around. There's the big one from the title, but also another where you get 3 decks and grip for £39.99 delivered - I'll add details on that at the bottom of this description.

The main deal though is everything in the thread main image for £70.17 using the code 10OFF

How to get this price?
Do take your time with this, just to make sure you get everything stacked up correctly. This is one way of getting the best value out of the promo.

1 - Add two decks - I propose the Heart Supply ones at £20 each, but there are others for a little more.
Your total will then be £40, but to get the Element complete at £30 you'll have to spend another 1p at least.

2 - TO THE RESCUE! - Sushi Axel nut - It's 20p and will get the job done nicely on that min spend.

3 - Now you're over £40, choose your Element Complete skateboard for £30

4 - As you bought 2 decks above, you get et one of these Unibomber decks for free - Slap one in your basket and then it will drop to £0

5 - Get your grip - Head HERE and go to "Supply" you should see the amount of decks you have in your basket that can get free grip, in this case there are 3 (See below the basket image, for an example) Up the quantity to 3 and click 'Add to cart'

5 - Finally use code 10OFF at the checkout

Delivery is £3.99

Total £70.17 going on my example here. There are loads of combos you could go with though. For an extra tenner you can add these 53mm Primitive Humming Team wheels in too - Total £80.17 Delivered (Shoud drop to £10 in the basket)


3 Decks + 3 sheets of grip tape for £39.99 delivered

1 - Add two decks - As before, I mentioned the Heart Supply ones at £20 each
2- Then you get et one of these Unibomber decks for free, so add that in.
3 - Choose your grip
4 - Use code 10OFF at the checkout

Total should be £39.99 Delivered


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    These two Moby Dick themed decks are begging to be hung up on my wall next to each other as a matching pair D:

    49171543-lMOB3.jpg (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Did I need a complete build, 3 extra decks, grip tape and a multitool? No. Did I buy them... Please don't tell my wife.
  3. Avatar
    Oh tempting... I just got some primitive DBZ decks and not sure if I want to ride or display them yet. Some good decks here, tempted to get a cruiser deck.

    Ended up getting the element star wars cruiser and heart for my 2 decks (+ unibomb) (edited)
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    Nice deal but the 10OFF code doesn't seem to work for me and adding a Unibomber deck as per instructions is not free and just seems to add to the cost?