3 DVD's for £15 @ Amazon

3 DVD's for £15 @ Amazon

Found 29th Aug 2006
3 DVD's for £15 @ Amazon

Over 1400 to Choose from


:confused: They're £4.97 each whether you buy 3 or not, so if you buy 3 it comes to £14.91. You need to spend another £0.03 (!) to get free supersaver delivery, otherwise it's £16.95 for 3 delivered.

Trying to find the cheapest item on amazon to get the free delivery. They dont make it easy with all there bl**dy market place sellers.

79p is my best!

Any better offers :D?


There's something for £0.25 available in 4-6 weeks that might slow down your order if they wait until everything's available, but The Gospel According to Mark (Hardcover) is in stock and £0.50 (or My Address Book,Angels and Cherubs Sticker Pack, Six CéZanne Cards (Hardcover) or Gauguin Notebook (Hardcover) are all in stock for £0.52 and possibly more useful).

But really if the offer's called 3 for £15 and supersaver delivery is available when you spend £15, you shouldn't have to do this!

]http//ho…ice - does that have all amazon items?

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My Nutcracker Notebook (Hardcover)


Should bump the price to £15


My Nutcracker Notebook (Hardcover) 52p :)Should bump the price to £15

Available in 9-12 days though, so it might slow down the rest of your order (or it might not if they do books and CDs separately... but then they'd probably be wasting more than 52p on your extra postage!). The 52p ones I listed were in stock at the time.

Use ]http//ww…ice to find the cheapest items. Just check the stock before ordering
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