3 DVDs for £15 at HMV (Even more New Titles Added !)
3 DVDs for £15 at HMV (Even more New Titles Added !)

3 DVDs for £15 at HMV (Even more New Titles Added !)

Check out the 3 DVDs for £15 Offer at HMV, there are some great titles and with over 846 to choose from you may just find a bargain!

Titles Include: Saw II, Corpse Bride, Serenity, Bridget Jones Diary/Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason: 3dvd: Box Set, Nanny Mcphee, Monster In Law, Libertine, Kill Bill, Keeping Mum, Unleashed, Downfall, Schindler's List, A History Of Violence, Lord Of War, Unleashed, Constantine, Pride & Prejudice (2005) and much much more!!


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Click on the banner on the right hand side of the screen for full listings!

P.s would some kind person please add the image for me, i'm on a public library computer and it doesnt allow me to right click ... thank you !

Thanks Cat I'll do that for you...

The link also takes you directly to the 3 for £15 now

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Thanks ray ... your a star!

[SIZE=2]Thanks Cat [/SIZE]

V nice top post mate!

Welcome to HUKD Turbotrance

Glad to note that u r pleased with millarcat's find ;-)

Thanks for pointing this out. These types of sales are normally rubbish but this one has some good films.

I did quite a good deal just now. I bought 2 lots of 3 DVDs to make a total of £30. I then applied this voucher: JB5762 to take it down to £25. I also used quidco @ 6%.

Grand total is £3.92 per DVD I believe. I just hope they honour it!

Thanks for the feedback JammyB

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Sorry i'm only replying to this post now, i've been away.

Welcome to hukd's from me too Turbotrance .... glad you liked the deal :-D

Also thanks JammyB ... great idea to use the discount code too, 6 dvd's for £25 is fab!!

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This offer is still running, here's a few more dvd's included in the offer:

Layer Cake, [COLOR=#404040]Mean Streets: Special Edition[/COLOR], School of Rock, [COLOR=#404040]Assault On Precinct 13 [/COLOR], [COLOR=#404040]Annie[/COLOR] (special edition) ......

Remember if you buy 2 lots of 3 DVDs = £30 and use the £5 voucher you can get 6 dvds for just £25, less if you go through quidco! (Thanks again Jammyb for the tip)

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More dvd's have been added to this offer including:
Saw 2 , Wedding Crashers , Schindlers List , Doom , Island , Keeping Mum , Notebook

Thanks for the update Cat

Don't forget the discount codes and multi-buy savings!

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Even more titles have been added to this deal and i must admit i'm very impressed with hmv on this one!

Including: Aeon Flux, Transporter 2, Kingdom of Heaven, In Her Shoes, Spartacus: Special Edition, Godfather, Underworld: 2DVD: Special Edition, Fun With Dick & Jane.

That hmv site is stoooopid when it comes to navigate, you click on the 3 for £15 and it only shows a few so you have to go via the dvd bargain section or something.... but anyway ordered / recieved my 3 last week
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