3 energy saving bulbs GE or tesco make for 88p
3 energy saving bulbs GE or tesco make for 88p

3 energy saving bulbs GE or tesco make for 88p

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Tesco are giving away 3 Energy saving bulbs for 88 p a saving of almost 5£. This deal is quite similar to one during the new year where 4 such bulbs were available for 1£.
Chance to reduce are carbon footprint and save some light bills as well


Cold from me, 5 for £1 at Dunelm Mills.


woohoo lets all reduce our carbon footprints!

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you will find a tesco everywhere and Dunelm mills very few outlets.Anyway 5 FOR 1£ is an excellent bargain.

A pity this deal has been voted cold by so many people.

Whislt some places such as Dunelm Mills may be selling energy saving light bulbs @ 5 for £1p, they are the old stick style ones that don't fit many light fittings.
If you look around, you should get that type for 5 for 50p or less!
( I think tesco were doing them 5 for 40p, or 5 for 29p if you got the VAT discount too )

These in Tesco are the more compact spiral type which are on sale in Asda for between £2 - £3 each.

Voted HOT & rep given to the OP. :thumbsup:

(edit: Woo! that's given you an extra orange light too! :))

Keep up the good work nhskbhatia003 - don't let the remarks by others put you off posting some more cracking deals

hot, don't wait till our supply is under too much strain to change do it now!

That's a good deal, as already said, there are much fewer Dunelm outlets compared to Tesco. I picked up a couple of 20W bulbs from Tesco last week for 10p each.

They may have fixed it now, but last night the discount (from £1.96 each to '3 for 88 pence') wasn't being applied correctly at the till. So, by going to the helpdesk, ended up getting a load free. Also, in my opinion, the spiral ones actually have greater light output than the stick ones (for the same quoted wattage).

Bought 18 today .. was gonna post the deal but did search first. Why on earth is this currently -47 degrees ?!?!? I bought 9 from ASDA last week for £2 each ... which seems to be the going rate ATM. With many places charging £3-£6 each !!!

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so add some heat 2 it


so add some heat 2 it

I did ... 9 degrees worth :roll:
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