£3 Entry to Ministry of Paintball With 100 Paintballs instead of £18.25 @ Groupon

£3 Entry to Ministry of Paintball With 100 Paintballs instead of £18.25 @ Groupon

Found 21st Jan 2011
* Enjoy a day of paintballing at Ministry of Paintball
* First 100 paintballs included, plus a semi-automatic paintball gun, a mask, overalls, a battle pack and lunch (at selected locations)
* A choice of paintball centres in the area
* Voucher can be used in any one of Ministry of Paintball's UK sites
* Valid for six months, seven days a week 9am-4.30pm

Valid at all 130 locations across the country.


Think of this like the razor or colour inkjet industry.

The actual product is comparatively cheap. It's the consumables that will cost you sh1t loads.

In this case, the ball cost will vastly outweigh any real saving on the product. You should be comparing ball cost from different paintball activity providers, not the actual admission cost

aA group of friends went of this a few years back... it was free entry but you pay for the balls, and your right, they are masively expensive, but for a guy with spasms in his trigger finger it was bloody expensive. We ended up spending some £80 each!!!!!

The worst part of it was we went during xmas and it started snowing and when you fired the balls they would not burst as they usually should. This resulted in an excrutiating pain, more painful then that was the fact that you could not refil the guns with the unpopped balls..... double whammy

Normalprice is £7 so only save £4 not down from £18 something. Misleading so cold for me

Much better & cheaper Alternative to Paintball is Airsoft, Airsoft is a similar to paintball instead of using paintballs you use realistic metal guns that fire 6mm plastic pellets, for instance a days game play including gun hire and ammo would cost you on avarage between £35 to £40 of wick they will give 1500 rounds of ammo and to but extra ammo for a 3000 round bottle costs about £6 to £8.
also there are many locations in the uk including indoor sites such as old shopping centres abandoned hospitals and woodland sites, also if you really get into it you can buy your own guns and you think of a gun it you probablly can get it in a airsoft gun.
my girlfriend got me into it and im hooked.

if your interested in playing airsoft then google elite action games, and firstandonly airsoft as these are the 2 airsoft groups i play at or just search for airsoft in the uk

take care

Be ware - you will need at least an extra 500 balls for a good day out at approx £6 per 100 so will work out expensive - a good day out though but they should make it clear what it will really cost you. They have to make their money somehow and thats how they make the money,:( out of the balls!
I am speaking from recent experience so what I thought was a cheap day out turned out to be very expensive.
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