3 films:Love Actually, Notting Hill, About A Boy £4.00 @Zavi

3 films:Love Actually, Notting Hill, About A Boy £4.00 @Zavi

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Notting Hill
William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is the owner of a bookshop in the heart of Notting Hill, London. One day, by a one-in-a-million chance, the world's most famous actress, Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), comes into his shop. So begins a tale of romance and adventure as William seeks the face he can't forget...

About A Boy
Will Freeman is the envy of every man. He drives a fast car, enjoys casual relationships and at 38 has rid his life of all responsibilities... until he meets Marcus, a unique 12 year old boy who turns his life upside down with hilarious results.

Love Actually
A prime minister in love with his staff member. A husband in love with a younger woman. Follow many, unrelated characters, played by a remarkable cast, as they explore different kinds of love. Though they are all leading different lives they have one thing in common... following their hearts has allowed them to discover the truth about love, actually.


£2.49 at cdwow (after £1 off voucher)

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£2.49 at cdwow (after £1 off voucher)

Wich vaucher?.I noticed that in cdwow dispatch is from 7 to 10 working days


£2.49 at cdwow (after £1 off voucher)

Link and voucher code please :thinking:

Either prices are hot, those are three really good films!

cdwow posted here


voucher code in voucher box on that thread

Can't think of three worse films to bunch together.
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