3 For £10 on UMDs At Amazon

3 For £10 on UMDs At Amazon

Found 31st Jul 2007
Hey this is my first deal. I'm just submitting this becausemy cousins used this deal and they said it's a good one for UMDs. I don't know if it's old but Amazon are offering 3 UMDs for the PSP for £10. There's quite good movies in the offer such as the three Matrix movies, Bad Boys and Kung Fu Hustle. Some of the UMDs are £6.97 each so getting 3 for £10 seems a good deal.


Good deal

as blockbuster exchange these im going to find out in the morning how much they give, i need the credit towards the brum sony ps3 fund. lets see if it is worth my while buying and exchanging these?

Thanks for the heads up & welcome to HUKD Arsenal Fan

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Thanks :-D

Good deal but gamestation (instore) offer the same deal with more titles depending on the store

WHAT are UMD's?

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They are the movies that you play on the PSP

I submitted this months ago and nobody gave a toss!

Oh well, thhat shouldnt detract from the overall hotness of the deal, heated and repped.:thumbsup:

Oh, and welcome to HUKD!

This won't work for me - I get 3 items at full price - £18 total

same here - 3 items in basket, go to checkout and they are at the full price :-(

Yeh same here £17+, I expected it to deduct the excess at the checkout but it didn't

Worked for me from the "Go to Deal" button.

noticed a load in local gamestation yesterday were £1.99

(just saw a thread saying its nationwide)

where is the 'go to deal' button?

don't work for me either, adds upto £17+
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